JITF 2015 – set to enhance the northern economy


JITF 2015 – set to enhance the northern economy

From left: Sanjeewa Gunasinghe, General Manager, Industrial Asphalt (Ceylon) PLC, Husnie Rauf, General Manager, Lanka Exhibition and Conference Services (Pvt) Ltd, V.K. Vignesh, President, Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Yarlpanam (CCIY), Renuka Wijesiriwardena, General Manager, Sterling Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd.

The Jaffna International Trade Fair (JITF), the most comprehensive and ‘looked forward to’ exhibition in the North will be held for the sixth consecutive year in the heart of Jaffna from the 23rd- 25th of January 2015.

The exhibition which was the first of the kind to be held in the Northern region of the country in 2002 has throughout the years been renowned as the best and most potent platform for the meeting of investors, businesses and the masses in the region.JITF 2015 will also comprise over 270 stalls from various sectors including construction, hospitality, food beverage and packing, automobile, ICT, financial services, apparel, agricultural, consumer goods and many others along with an Education Pavilion named "Kalvi" with some of Colombo’s and Jaffna’s most sought after education service providers exhibiting. Furthermore a pavilion of 30 stalls has been offered to the northern producers and industrialist to promote and exhibit their products and services themed "Made in Jaffna"

JITF has been hailed to be the common platform under which networking and expanding of investments, business ideas, existing businesses and sharing of knowledge occurs. The North is yet to be fully penetrated by private investments and remains ‘virgin territory’, with many of the resources in the area yet to be fully utilized.

The Jaffna peninsula has among its natural riches and resources, a vibrant community filled with passionate human resources who are willing to harness and expand their potential through such meetings.

The exhibition last year drew record number of visitors with each exhibitor achieving well beyond their expected targets. The massive infrastructure development currently underway in the region has also paved way for many investment opportunities in the region which could not be afforded previously.

The regions, roads, electricity, bridges and all other core facets are currently being developed in the new governments endeavor to ensure the region is on par with many of the most potent business and lifestyle destinations in the world.

K.Vignesh the President of Chamber of Commerce & Industries of Yarlpanam said that "there is no event of this kind for the entire Northern region and all businesses and locals of the region look forward to this event. The exhibition is considered the best meeting point between them and the rest of the country and the world. Therefore each and every visitor to the exhibition is focused in order to harness maximum value during the three days".

The exhibition will feature the construction industry, hospitality industry, food beverage and packing industry, automobile industry, ICT industry, financial services, apparel, agricultural, consumer goods and many others, which will be on show during the three days.

Concurrently with JITF 2015 the National Chamber of Exporters (NCE) together with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) will be conducting a special program for the Producers in the northern region by conducting one-to-one meetings with some of the main exporters in the country with the "objective of educating and supporting the Northern producers to the export market" commented Shiham Marikar, Secretary General/CEO of the NCE.

CEO of the Presidential Award winning event organizer Lanka Exhibition and Conference Services Aasim Mukthar said that all exhibitors have throughout the years gained maximum benefits at the JITF.

"It is a historic event where the North meets the rest and is considered by everyone who participates as the best and most comprehensive destination to further their knowledge, investments and businesses. We have left no stone unturned in order to make the 2015 edition the best that the peninsula has ever witnessed and are of the belief that it will be one of a kind" he said.

Sterling Automobile is the Main Sponsor for JITF 2015 together with Industrial Asphalts (Ceylon) as the Co-Sponsor along with Mobitel, Lanka Hospitals, Multilac Paints, Bank of Ceylon and Famous Pacific Shipping partnering as official sponsors. Furthermore the event is supported by Consulate General of India – Jaffna, Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL), Ceylon Institute of Builders (CIOB), Sri Lanka Convention Bureau (SLCB) and the Jaffna Municipal Council along with the endorsement of the Ministry of Traditional Industries& Small Enterprise Development, Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) and the National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA).