Technical exposure and capacity building programme for potential food & beverage entrepreneurs in Thailand

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Technical exposure and capacity building programme for potential food & beverage entrepreneurs in Thailand

The Sri Lanka Export Development Board in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Embassy in Thailand organized a Technical Exposure and Capacity Building Programme for 12 SME, food & Beverage export potential entrepreneurs coinciding with “THAIFEX – World of Food Asia -2019”, Bangkok, Thailand from 27th May – 1st June 2019.

EDB has organized this programme under the 2000 New Exporters Development Programme to develop 2000 entrepreneurs to become exporters by 2020 at regional level. The main objective of this programme is to encourage domestic enterprises to invest in export industries. Around 120 SME companies engaged in the food & Beverage sector including women entrepreneurs from all regions have been identified to develop as exporters. Accordingly, the EDB has initiated integrated product and market development programmes for these selected group of companies covering the areas of products & system certification, technical programme on packaging & labeling ,awareness seminars one-commerce & cross border procedures, exposure programs to international markets, matchmaking with visiting overseas buyer delegations etc.

The SME companies engaged in the food and beverage export industry are facing numerous challenges to be competitive in the international market. Management of food chain requires cross disciplinary competencies in the supply chain and continuous up - gradation of products are equally essential to maintain the sustainability. SME food manufacturers also need to constantly update their knowledge on consumer preferences and trends in the global market for new products such as organic, gluten free, halal, vegetarian, vegan, health and functional foods. They should also be aware of product quality, standards, packaging, pricing and technical capabilities to compete in the international market.

This programme consist of exposure visit to THAIFEX – World Food Asia, factory visit, one day training programme at Thai Packaging center & a meeting with Thai Chamber of Commerce. It aimed to share with the participants Thailand’s approach and experience concerning the development of food and beverage sector and crate a platform for discussion while exchanging of knowledge between the participants, Thai professionals and farmer associations. During the visit to THAIFEX, companies were able to negotiate with exhibitors who participated from China, Poland, Russia, India & Thailand etc. at the Exhibition.

The programme held at the Thai Packaging Centre covered the areas including principle of food and beverage packaging, trends & innovation of food and beverage packaging and packaging development for food products.

The companies who participated were able to gain great exposure, on latest technology to upgrade food value additions and develop new products. It brings together entire knowledge on how to develop packaging technology to cater into the export markets