Compressed Coco Peat

Coco Peat Briquettes- 650gm, Compressed coco Peat - 5kg, Coco peat 25Kg BAG, Coco peat Disc



Coco Peat Briquettes- 650gm Coco peat briquette is coco peat compressed into brick form. This is an organic growing medium, which is 100% Coir. These easy-to-use briquettes are smaller in size and work in the same way as the blocks. When wet, they swell up their volume by increasing about ten times. For example, one 600g briquette provides approximately 8 liters of pure coco peat. These bricks are ideal for Home gardens, horticulturalists, green house owners, commercial nurseries and large, medium and small scale growers. It is made of Coco peat with a stable pH of 5.5 - 6.5. Does not compact or become more acidic over time. They are excellent for propagation, water retention, soil aeration and seed germination, as it is an organic fertilizer and multipurpose soil conditioner. Compressed coco Peat - 5kg Coco peat is a natural fibre made out of coconut husks. It is a byproduct gained during the extraction of coir fiber from the coconut husk. Coco peat is a 100% natural, unique, spongy cellulose organic plant growing medium. This coco peat dried in the natural sun and is processed to produce the compressed 5kg block. This makes an excellent growing medium for hydroponics or container plant growing. Clean coir has natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties. Coco peat has high water retention capacity to plant growth besides Coco peat is a cheap substitute and natural organic production. The agriculture industry described it as a fast growing medium. Coco peat is subject to washing, sieving, drying and graded before being processed into various Coco Coir Peat final products. It is consistent and uniform in texture. It is a completely homogenous material composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges that absorb and hold up to eight times its own weight in water. The natural pH of 5.5 to 6.5, plus an unusually high Cation Exchange Capacity - and 27% of Easily Available Water assures that coir will hold and release nutrients in solution over extended periods without re watering. Coco peat 25Kg BAG Coco peat 25Kg bales are used in many applications in growing industry which is made out of coco peat.25Kg bales are produced by using different mixture based on the requirement of the crop by increasing or decreasing the percentage of the coir fibre in the mixture. We can also add coco chips or crushed materials to the mixture. The uniqueness of 25Kg bale is, it is lesser compressed and easy to loosen up and also maintain the moisture content between 25 - 35%. As a soil substitute coco peat 25 Kg bale can be used in potting mixers, landscaping, seed generation, home gardening and it helps for soil conditioning. In golf course, garden, in mushroom farming coco peat 25Kg bales are more popular than any other growing medium. Not only that but also 25Kg bales popular among Bonsai mixtures, Vegetable beds and rose cultivations. This bale is packed in a white poly bag which helps for transportation and easy handling. It’s a readymade product and could handle this with less hassle.   Coco peat Disc Coco peat disks are a carefully blended potting soil. When the disc is wet, it swells up to produce the required potting soil mixture. All you need to do is place the disc in a bucket or pot and the water will do the rest. These compressed Coco peat discs are ideal for home and commercial hydroponics to give excellent results for a variety of potted plants. Advantages of Coco peat Disk These discs are suitable for seed rising, seedlings or sapling at initial stages and an excellent growing medium for well grown plants. No fertilizer requirement makes this disc popular for faster seed-germination while maintaining the moisture in roots of plants. Coco peat discs prevent plant root from direct exposure to sunlight. The coir fibre discs check the growth of weeds in the plant foot and prevent the exposure of soil nutrient to weeds. These coir discs protect the essential elements of the soil and help the roots access to more airflow. Excellent air filled porosity, efficient water holding ability, and efficient growth of root system of flower plants are enhanced by these discs, affecting the plant’s ability to produce bigger, more colorful flowers and healthy leaves.

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Additional Info

Exporter Noramix Trade (Pvt) Ltd
Country of Manufacture Sri Lanka