Coconut Butter

Ceylon Naturals Coconut Butter – replenishing young and old alike with great flavour and nutrition.



Consisting of premium quality coconut meat and coconut oil, Coconut Butter from Ceylon Naturals presents optimum taste, aroma, texture and health as this dairy-free substitute offers a plethora of delightful benefits for the health conscious individual. All Thanks to the Lauric Acid found in coconuts and its resultant products, getting onto the bandwagon of feeling lighter and thinking better is now as easy as ever. Owing to the Coconut meat which also constitutes Coconut Butter, in conjunction to superior quality Coconut Oil, Coconut Butter also contains dietary fibre, hence providing additional health related benefits such as improved digestion and higher energy levels. Great for use in cooking and as a substitute to traditional butter, especially as a spread over bread or buns.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Exporter Colombo Export and Import Agencies (Pvt) Limited
Country of Manufacture Sri Lanka