Linea Aqua Pvt Ltd

Contact Name
Sarinda Unamboowe
Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director
Thanahenpitita Estate, Giridara, Kapugoda
Fax Number
+94 36 4279699
Product Description
A joint venture between MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd, Speedo International Limited (UK) and Brandot International Ltd (USA) established in 2001; Linea Aqua is a contemporary 200,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility which houses a full spectrum of services ranging from design to delivery. With an average annual turnover of USD 85 million, and over ten years of manufacturing excellence, Linea Aqua is dedicated to producing the finest high fashion suits, complex competitive swimwear and everything in between. For a customer portfolio which includes Victoria’s Secret, Speedo, Land’s End, Gottex, Calvin Klein etc., LA’s services are enhanced by a vertically integrated supply chain through a full scale lean enterprise platform, sourcing raw material from Europe, Sri Lanka and the Far East.