Hayleys Fibre PLC

Contact Name
Dumindra Abeysekera
Senior Manager Marketing
No. 25, Foster Lane, Colombo 10,Sri Lanka
Telephone Number
Fax Number
+94 112 628 559
Product Description
An exporter of coir fibre for many decades, Hayleys has metamorphosed from a pre-colonial trading company into a predominantly value-added supplier, gaining global recognition as an innovative manufacturer of retail and industrial fibre-based solutions. Our fibre base encompasses a variety of fibre, including recycled synthetic and textile fibres, in addition to our staple coir fibre base which boasts of an age-old extraction process reminiscent of the time when the country was known as Ceylon and still in practice exclusively in our operations. The quality of the coir fibre produced has won recognition among our many buyers including the likes of global giants such as Mercedes Benz who insist only on coir fibre from Hayleys Fibre for their upholstery.