All products manufactured by Lanktrad International (Pvt.) Ltd. are environment friendly. Only natural  fibres -sisal ,jute ,coco and palmyrah -  are  used along with cotton, wooden knobs and wooden handles in the manufacturing process. Sisal and jute fibre body massage brushes are made on corrosion resistant stainless steel wire while the coco  fibre and palmyrah fibre brushes are twisted on galvanised iron wires.

All products are made manually using very simple locally made machines thus providing employment for as many as possible.

Fibres used in the manufacture have been carefully selected and processed to ensure that they do not contain any substance harmful to the human body and the environment. 


          Over 500 designs are available. Images of five of them are given below;
           Product  (Click on the image to enlarge) Description
Luxury Back Massage Brush
Cooking Pan Scrubbing Brush
Foot Brush Regular
Super Luxury Full Body Massage Brush

Luxury Junior Full Body Massage Brush
The products are catagorised as:
01. Sisal body massage & exfoliating brushes. 09. Shaving brushes.
02. Jute body massage & exfoliating brushes. 10. Barbers neck brushes.
03. Gift packs of body massage & exfoliating brushes. 11. Cotton cord back scrubbers
04. Coir tough body massage & exfoliating brushes. 12. Cotton cord bath mats.
05. Nail brushes. 13. Kitchen brushes.
06. Foot smoothing brushes. 14. Vegetable scrubbing brushes.
07. Toe brushes. 15. Pot scrubbing brushes.
08. Toe nail brushes.
*  Products No. 1 to 12 relate to the well being of the body.
*  Products No. 13 to 15 are household brushes to maintain a clean home and kitchen.
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