Market Report - Belgium




Background of Belgium

Belgium is home to the headquarters of the EU and over 100 international organizations; it has a unique perspective on world trade and global markets. It also has significant influence on trade. Since it joined the European Community (now EU), Belgium has supported free trade and advocated measures that lower tariffs and reduce other barriers to the free movement of goods and services, labour, and capital within Europe. Belgium and Luxembourg also continue to be economically linked through BLEU.


GDP per Capita (PPP)$421.7 billion

Total Exports$295.3 billion

Total Import $310.2 billion


Useful Contacts in Belgium

  1. Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce

    Address :Avenue Louise 500 - 5th floor, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

    Email :[email protected]

    Skypename :fccib2011

  2. BECI - Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brussels

    Address :Avenue Louise 500, 1050 Brussels

    Email :[email protected]

    Tel :+32 (0)2 648 50 02

    Fax :+32 (0)2 640 93 28


  3. Chamber Of Commerce and Industries, Wallonie Picarde

    Address :Rue Terre à Briques 29A,7522 Tournai

    Email :[email protected]

    Tel :+32 (0)69 89 06 89

    Fax :+32 (0)69 89 06 88


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