Healthcare and Wellness Services

Ayurveda is a burgeoning industry in Sri Lanka,one that traditionally existed and was practiced by experts in remote villages using natural resources. Now, with worldwide attention and acceptance given to the art of Ayurveda, expertise in the oldest healing science in the world has spread to more urbanized areas.

Knowledge, research and new findings of Ayurveda have been passed down through time and services offered in the field have expanded with the aim of healing and preventing disease and offering rejuvenation through connection between the body and the mind.

Sri Lanka now has a pool of dedicated and experienced talent with expertise in the fields passed down over several generations. The government has also recognized the potential of developing this sector; dedicated government bodies, including the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine have been appointed to facilitate and monitor continued development.

The subject is gaining increasing momentum in higher studies with the inclusion of the subject of Ayurveda in the curricula of several education institutions in the country.

In recent years, Sri Lanka has expanded its services in Ayurvedic treatments to offer beauty and de-stress treatments in addition to traditional disease cures. Sri Lanka now offers a refreshing array of spas, resorts and hospitals that offer extensive services utilizing Ayurvedic natural herbal products.

In addition, Sri Lankan hospitals of Western medicine are also providing cost-effective, quality medical services to patients from the developed countries and the regional countries.