AA Darshan Import & Export

AA Darshan Import & Export
The company would like to operate in the field of the Export & Import in all types of Eco friendly products & other products depending on the clients' request. At the moment we may able to supply "Palmarah Tody", "Palmarah related Handicrafts", "Palmarah Jaggery", "Palm Sweet Syrup", " Seasonally available naturally Ripened Fruits.

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AA Darshan Import & Export

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Company NameAA Darshan Import & Export

Products / Services RangeBottled Palmarah Tody, Palmarah related Handicrafts, Palmarah Jaggery, Palm Sweet Syrup, Palmarah Jaggery, Poonac(Palm Cake), Palm Fruit Juice Seasonally available naturally Ripened -Mangos (Karutha Kolumban, Villard), Papaya, Wood Apple

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Address "Sivavasam", Puttur Road Meesalai North Meesalai (NP)

Telephone(94) 21-2050500 (94) 77-0780240

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Contact Person C.S.S.Kandan

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