Ant Commodity Pvt. Ltd

Ant Commodity Pvt. Ltd
Conveying Commodity Producers to Global Markets Ant Commodity is a marketplace that connects worldwide producers and buyers of commodities to trade in an efficient and risk-free environment. Along with the main platform, the startup offers market news to facilitate buyers in making informed buying decisions. Both platforms operate in English and respective local languages.

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Ant Commodity Pvt. Ltd

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Company NameAnt Commodity Pvt. Ltd

Products / Services RangeCeylon Cinnamon Powder, Quillings, Chips, and Powder. Other spices include black pepper, clove (stems). Tropical fruits include cassava (manioc), jackfruit, etc. Tea varieties include black, green and white. Other products: ale vera, gem, etc.

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Address No.3, Diyadola Estate, Habarakada, Thawalama 80148, Sri Lanka

Telephone+94 7-7752-1434

Contact Information

Telephone +94 7-7752-1434

Email [email protected]


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