Nestled in the luscious coconut groves of the Coconut Triangle in the North-Western province of the charming tropical island paradise called Sri Lanka, G.W Lanka Export and Bio Substrates engage themselves to the worthy cause of making our planet a greener world.

We are devoted to the task of manufacturing and exporting a variety of coco peat and coir based products. In 2003 a self-motivated investor with high ranking expertise in the field took the initiative to give it a go. Since then we have been a manufacturer and exporter of coco peat products with ever growing enthusiasm to cater to various needs of our valued customers, with our global presence.

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Products / Services RangeBristle Fibre, Coco Husk Chip Bales (4.5 kg), Coconut Peat 25 kg bag, Coconut Peat Briquettes, Coconut Peat Discs, Coconut Peat Grow Bags, Coir Bale Fibre, Coir Geotextiles, Coir Weed Mat, Compressed 5kg Coconut Peat, Erosion Control Blanket, Machine Twi

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Address Weralugalanda Estate, Karukkuwatawana, Madampe, Sri Lanka

Telephone(94) 32 205 7760

Fax(94) 32 205 7760

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Telephone (94) 764 82 82 83, : (94) 777 22 70 79

Fax (94) 32 205 7760

Email [email protected]


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