Ceylove Trading (pvt)ltd

Ceylove Trading (pvt)ltd
CL is a growing company which exports Cinnamon Cloves Nutmeg Mace Pepper and other spices.The company has a strong farmer network and mainatains a good quality standards.

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Ceylove Trading (pvt)ltd

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Company NameCeylove Trading (pvt)ltd

Products / Services RangeCeylon Cinnamon (sticks), Alba, C5-cut, C4-cut, M5-cut, M4-cut, M5/M4 -bale, M1-cut, M-cut, Quillings-No1, Quillings-No2, Chips, H1-cut, H2-cut, H1-bale, H2-bale Cinnamon powder, Fine, Tea cut, Coarse cut Mace, Yellow, Red Nutmeg, No1, ABCD, FAQ, Broken C

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Address 115,Nimthera Asapuwa Heenatiyangala Kalutra

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Telephone 94716733903

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