Vinseth Solar (Pvt) Ltd

Vinseth Solar (Pvt) Ltd

Vinseth Solar (Pvt) Ltd is a premier provider of Solar Powered Solutions for Electricity generation, Water Heating, Water pumping and various other applications. We are also specialized in Design/Installation of Grid-tied Solar power systems for Commercial & industrial applications such as Office buildings, Banks, Factories, Hotels and other large application.

Vinseth Solar (Pvt) Ltd is the affiliated sister company of the California (USA) based Solar PV System Provider, Solar Home Systems Inc. California is known to have the toughest standards requirements in the PV industry. We use the same expert knowledge, Tools and Design Practices to guarantee the same quality and reliability of our equipment, workmanship and system performance for Sri Lankan customers as well.

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Vinseth Solar (Pvt) Ltd

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Company NameVinseth Solar (Pvt) Ltd

Products / Services RangeElectonics Products

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Address 68, Jethawana Road Colombo 14

Telephone(94) 11-2391191

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Contact Person Mr. Dinesh Perera

Telephone (94) 77-7367636


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