Green Space Coco Peat And Coco Chips are an excellent product used for various crop growth such as vegetables, fruits, and flowers. We manufacture Products using the finest quality coco peat and Coco Chips with the latest technology. 

  • Ideal for eco-friendly greenhouses for sustainable agriculture.
  • Ideal for organic home gardening, vertical gardening, and rooftop gardening
  • Ideal for hydraulic mulch seedlings.
  • Ideal to avoid soil erosion in farming setups.
  • Ideal for potting soil mixtures
  • Highly moisture retentive and enhances porosity.
  • Excellent soil conditioner


Benefits of Coco Peat and Husk Chips in Open-Field Growing

  1. It boosts soil health.

Coco Peat and Coco Husk Chips are rich in humic substances and organic materials. These factors improve soil aeration, soil structure, and tilth. Apparently, these increase the availability of plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Also, cocopeat has antimicrobial functions which act against soil pathogens.

  1. It retains moisture in the soil.

Coco Peat and Coco Husk Chips are excellent soil amendments since they are rich in nutrients. Furthermore, it has a high water-holding capacity, meaning it can retain moisture in the soil for prolonged periods. This is beneficial for crop physiology and yield. Simultaneously water holding capacity reduce water usage of the crop.It increases the yield of crops.

Considering all the beneficial influences of using coco peat and coco husk chips to open field growing, it is proved to be a more sustainable approach to growing crops. Coco peat and coco husk chips increase the yield of the crop and the overall quality of the yield.


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