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At EDB, we regularly update our announcements page with our tenders, training programs, trade shows and fairs, important notifications, vacancies, and so on targeting Sri Lankan exporters, foreign buyers and anyone else who’s interested in these matters.

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  • Registration of Suppliers for the Year 2023 04 November 2022

    Applications are invited from Manufacturers, Agents, Distributors, Importers, Authorized Dealers, Wholesalers, Suppliers, Contractors and Service Providers who wish to register for the supply of following goods and services to the Sri Lanka Export Development Board for the year 2023.

    Categories of Products/Services
    1.0 Office Equipment & Stationery
    1.1 Office Stationery Items-Pens, Pencils, Envelopes, Staplers, Typing Sheets, Photocopy Papers, Dusters, File Covers, Bulldog Clips, Calculators etc.
    1.2 Computers & related Items - Computers, Laptops, Computer   Hardware and Computer   Accessories, Servers, Storage, PCs, Tabs, Monitors, UPS, Mouse & Keyboards, Power Adapter, Scanner, Printers & Printer Accessories (Dot Matrix, Laser Jet Printers, Colour Printers, Photoconductors, etc)
    1.3 Fax Machines, Photocopy Machines, Adding Machines, Face/Finger Scanning Attendance Machines, and Other Equipment etc.
    1.4 IT Network   solutions, Computer   Consumables (Printer   Toners, Cartridges, Ribbons, Pen Drives, Recordable CDs/DVDs, etc.)
    1.5 Electrical Equipment & Spare Parts (Refrigerators, Electrical Fans, Air Conditioners, etc.)
    1.6 Audio-Visual Equipment & Telecommunication Equipment (Cameras, Video Cameras, Projectors and Processing Machines, Radios, Cassettes, Telephone Systems and Telephone Equipment, etc.)
    1.7 Office Furniture – Wooden / Steel / Fabrics (Tables, Chairs, Cupboards, Almirahs, Shelves etc.)
    1.8 Date Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Name Boards (Aluminium/Plastic/Brass, etc.)
    1.9 Uniform Materials for minor staff (Shirt and Trouser Materials, Shoes and Socks, Sarees)
    2.0 Repairs & Maintenance of Office Equipment
    2.1 Repairs & Maintenance of Office Equipment (Calculators, Fax Machines, Photocopy Machines, Adding Machines, Face/Finger Scanning Attendance Machines and Other Equipment etc.)
    2.2 Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance of Air Conditioners
    2.3 Repairs of Printers, Computers and Computer Servers Maintenance
    2.4 Repairs of Office Furniture (Wooden/Steel/Iron) and Cushion Works
    2.5 Telephone Repair
    3.0 Repairs & Supply of Spare Parts for Vehicles
    3.1 Tyres, Tubes, Batteries, Wheel Alignments & Adjustments
    3.2 Spare Parts for Vehicles and Motor Cycles
    3.3 Repairs of Silencers, Radiators
    3.4 Upholstery Work of Vehicles (Vehicle Seat Cushions, Seat Covers, Rubber Carpets & Canvas Covers)
    3.5 Vehicle Services - (Head Office and Regional Offices – Colombo, Jaffna, Kurunegala, Matara, Kandy - within 10 KM per each Office Premises)
    3.6 Repairs of Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners
    3.7 Auto Electrical Repairs
    3.8 Tinkering & Painting of Motor Vehicles
    4.0 Advertising, Promotional works & Printing materials
    4.1 Advertising/Outdoor Advertising (banners, leaflets, LED panels, name boards, posters, etc)
    4.2 Production of Audio/Video Documentary
    4.3 Concept   Development, Designing   Art Work, Printing   of Magazines, Brochures, Booklets, Posters, Invitations / Greeting Cards, Visiting Cards etc. (Local/Overseas)
    4.4 Sound Systems for Exhibitions/Seminars/Workshops (Microphones, Audio recording facility, Speakers etc.)
    4.5 Printing & Book Binding (Receipt Books, Brochures, Leaflets, Banners & Posters, Etc.)
    4.6 Branding (co-operate branding/ dealer branding)
    4.7 Promotional Items (Trophies, Plaques, Medals, T-shirts, Bags, Gifts, etc)
    5.0 Other Services
    5.1 Consultancy Service (Business Development, Marketing Analysis, Marketing, Product Development, Brand Management, Public Relations, social media Marketing etc.)
    5.2 Event Management / Organizing Local and Overseas Trade Fairs
    5.3 E-commerce (E-business, E-payment facilities, E-marketing facilities etc)
    5.4 Stall installation illumination & maintenance - Designing, installation and maintenance
    5.5 Language Translators (English to Tamil, Japanese, Chinese & Other Foreign Languages)
    5.6 Office Security
    5.7 Office Partitioning, refurbishing Interior Designing & Constructions (ceramic, painters, fabrication, cushioning of chairs etc)
    5.8 Electrical and Telephone Wiring (circuit breakers, bulbs, switch boards etc)
    5.9 Staff Transport Service, Renting/Hiring of Motor Vehicles (Cars, Vans, Buses, etc.)
    5.10 IT Software   Solution (Operation system, SW license, data   base, application software, business intelligence, workflow solution, IT security solution, cloud solution etc.)
    5.11 Internet, Broadband, mobile solution
    5.12 Logistics & Freight Forwarding – Air, Sea & Courier Service
    5.13 Performing Arts -Dancing troupes & other performing groups (local & international events)
    5.14 Pest Controlling
    5.15 Making of Office Identity Cards

    Application Procedure

    • Specimen application form could be downloaded from the EDB website www.srilankabusiness.com under “Announcements”. One application form can be used to register for multiple products/services.
    • The companies who download the applications from the EDB website should pay Rs.1,000/- as a non-refundable fee for each sub item for registration to the Sri Lanka Export Development Board Account No. 306605, Bank of Ceylon, Lake View Branch and a copy of the deposit slip should be forwarded to the EDB along with the application. Applications without a copy of the deposit slip will not be accepted as a valid document.
    • Sealed applications indicating “Registration of Suppliers for the year 2023” on the left-hand corner of the envelope to be forward to the below address by registered post or personally handed over to the Procurement Unit, 6th Floor, NDB-EDB Tower, No:42, Nawam Mawatha, Colombo-02, at or before 3.00 p.m. on 30th November 2022.

    Qualifying Criterion for Registration of Suppliers with SLEDB

    • Submission of a copy of the Business Registration Certificate (BRC) or the Registration Certificate issued by the Local Authority and company profile with the application.
    • All applicants must have minimum of two years of experience as goods or service suppliers and must furnish a list of reference of the present client base.
    • The supplier should agree to provide one month credit period time.
    • With regard to the vehicle services, the garage should be registered at the relevant Provincial Council.

    Registration & Evaluation

    • Registration would be considered subject to an assessment / evaluation procedure and will be rejected if the information provided is found to be false or inaccurate.
    • Calling of quotations for supplies and services will be invited from the list of registered suppliers/service providers.
    • Registered suppliers who fail to meet deadlines and maintain quality and standards up to the desired levels would be blacklisted and removed from the supplier list.
    • EDB reserves the right to call for quotations and make purchases/services from other non-registered suppliers/service providers as well.

    For further clarifications, please contact the Acting Assistant Director / Procurement on Tele: 0112300702.

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  • Notice Updated Version - Registered Exporter System (REX) 30 May 2022

    DG TAXUD has published an Updated version of the guidance document on the Registered Exporter System (the REX system) on 23rd May 2022.

    This revision considers the evolution of the application of the REX system, in particular, its use in preferential trade agreements and the end of the transition period for its application in the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

    View The User Guide(English)

  • Invitation for Cinnamon Industry Stakeholders to become members of the Ceylon Cinnamon GI Association (CCGIA) 04 November 2021

    Export Development Board together with the Department of Export Agriculture (DOEA) wishes to extend a cordial invitation to island wide cinnamon industry stakeholders (growers, processors, traders and exporters) to become members of the Ceylon Cinnamon GI Association (CCGIA) to share the benefits of promoting Cinnamon as the first GI product of Sri Lanka.

    EDB has completed preliminary arrangements to obtain GI for Ceylon Cinnamon in the European Union and four product categories namely cinnamon cut quills, powder, leaf oil and bark oil have been identified to promote under GI label subject to fulfilling the criteria mentioned in the Ceylon Cinnamon specification document.

    The GI process within Sri Lanka to be administered by the National Intellectual Property office and externally controlled by the Department of Export Agriculture. Ceylon Cinnamon GI Association to be engaged in the internal control and self-control by the individual members.

    The regional cinnamon growers and processors are kindly requested to contact the district office of the Export Agriculture Department in relevant district to become members of district associations to be established in this regard. For details of district DEA offices please visit http://www.dea.gov.lk/contact-dist/

    Plantation companies engaged in cultivation and processing of cinnamon, traders and exporters are invited to submit their applications to the EDB for registration. The application could be downloaded from the “announcement” section on EDB website: www.srilankabusiness.com or DEA website: http://www.dea.gov.lk/  Applications could also be collected from the regional office of DEA and EDB.

    Duly completed applications should be forwarded to Director, Export Agriculture, EDB, Nawam Mawatha, Colombo 02 or emailed to [email protected] 

    For further details please contact

    1. Dr. G.G. Jayasinghe / Deputy Director [email protected] via email, by phone 0718265036 or 0412245336
    2. Mr. Gayan Weerasinghe [email protected] via email, by phone 011-2300732 or 011-2300705-11

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    Download all the related documents