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As an island with a territorial sea of 21,500 km2 and a coastline of 1340 km, Sri Lanka has a rich supply of fish and seafood. The fishing industry plays an important role in Sri Lanka’s Social and Economic sectors and the country is home to a large fisheries community, who reside along the coastline. The country combines new technology with traditional knowledge and skills in maintaining quality and sustainability in the fishing industry.

Today, Sri Lanka has emerged as a quality fish and seafood exporter, supplying predominantly yellowfin and bigeye tuna species, crabs, prawns, and molluscs species to international markets. Adherence to the latest technology in product development, processing, and packaging techniques ensures that Sri Lankan fish and seafood products that reach the international market are superior in quality, taste and texture.

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    John Sea Foods has developed since its beginnings in 2011 to become a leading Sri Lankan exporter of fish and seafood. Initially specialized in Fresh Tuna, we now offer a complete range of fish, fresh and frozen, from all over the globe to our customers, and well taken care of by our highly qualified staff in seafood industry. After more than 5 years we are still constantly working to improve our products and processes ensure producing the high quality seafood to the customers.

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    Global Sea Foods (Pvt) Ltd, known simply as GSF is a leading seafood processing company based in Sri Lanka. We are a BOI (Board of Investment) approved venture established in 1999, that supplies the highest quality Value Added Sea Food products to Europe, USA, Middle East and Japan to name a few. Our state-of-the-art processing plant spanning 36000 sq ft in Sri Lanka, employs the latest technology and the highest quality norms to produce some of the finest value added seafood products in the world. GSF is a significant source of foreign exchange income earner in Sri Lanka.

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    We are Sri Lanka’s award winning seafood exporters serving a global clientele across America, Europe, Asia, Russia and Oceania. Known for superior quality and freshness of our seafood, we are a sought after supplier for Japanese fresh fish cuisines. With two decades of experience in fishing, processing and exporting and
    two generations of expertise in technique and skill, Lihini Seafood Pvt Ltd is one ofSri Lanka’s leading seafood companies.

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    All our raw material is sourced fresh from the Indian Ocean by carefully selected Suppliers who purchase only from approved fishermen engaged in sustainable and environmentally responsible fishing methods. Our Processing Facilities are all operated in strict compliance with HACCP and all E.U. and F.D.A. Food Safety Regulations. We aim to make our Name synonymous with products of the highest quality.

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    Nestled in the Indian Ocean surrounded by beautiful waves, ancient Ceylon is known to many as the pearl of the Indian Ocean is now called Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is a true paradise that provides an abundant source of seafood for the global requirements because of its location and richness of its surrounded waters.

    We believe in sustainable fisheries, to secure sustainable fish stock for future generations and supply globally high-quality seafood from the unpolluted Indian ocean and well-maintained local farms.

    We work with suppliers that have the same view and harvest from sustainable resources believing these products deserve to be treated with high quality and respect.

    We take all the necessary steps to ensure to meet our customer's specifications while maintaining the highest food safety and quality standards such as EU standards, Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP), and the USA Food and Drug Administration.

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    Alpex Marine (Pvt) Ltd is the leader in collecting, processing and exporting truly Sri Lanka crustacean seafood with a reputation of 20 years in the international market for the premium quality, safety and timely delivery. Our broad portfolio of products includes (frozen) Prawns, Squid & Cuttlefish, Crabs, Lobsters and value added seafood products. The company guarantees the finest quality, freshness and safety of all our products with confidence.

    Alpex Marine pride itself for achieving ISO 22 000 and HACCP food safety & quality certificates for our products and being a registered exporter to European and USA markets. At present, Alpex Marine (Pvt) Ltd is enjoying the domination as the principal seafood supplier to Asian, European and USA markets winning the trust and respect of a global customer base.

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    They have commenced operation in year 1992 with few long lines boats in Sri Lanka and with the diversification of the business H&M Western Pvt Ltd incorporated in year 2015 as 100% fresh seafood export arm in the group. We source seafood from a large network of artisan fishing boats 4500 vessels based in Sri Lanka using traditional hand line and long-line fishing methods that ensure sustainable and responsible fishing. We have gained expertise in the correct methods of faulty grading and sourcing, through many years of experience with Japanese customers whose main import is Sashimi. In this venture all the local fishermen are taught the technique of long line fishing to catch Tuna. Most of the local vessels are using crushed ice and some of the vessels equipped with Refrigerator Sea Water Cooling systems (RSW) and have fish storage system that is able to contain sea water at 0-+4?. This tuna is stored in a manner in order to preserve its freshnes

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    Ceylon Fresh seafood is a joint venture between Sri Lanka and UK partners, producing superb export grade fresh and frozen seafood in a state-of-the-art modern factory located close to Colombo International Airport. The management of Ceylon Fresh Seafood is committed to producing products of excellent quality that meet the highest international standards such as FDA, BRC, SILLIKER, ISO and the EU.

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    VS Seafood is a pioneer in the seafood exporting industry, with a proven track record of delivering quality products across the globe. We’re engaged in the production, processing and marketing of seafood. We manage our own fleet of vessels

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  • Sri Lankan Seafood Packaging

    Packaging is used to protect fish & fishery products from damage during handling and transport...

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  • Sri Lankan Seafood Supply Chain Channels

    Traditionally, fish trading channeled through importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and agents. Currently, it has completely changed with improved logistics and introduction of e-business into the fish trade...

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  • R & D and Product Development Facilities

    There are several organisations dedicated towards the development of the Fisheries Industry...

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Fish & Fisheries Products

Sri Lanka’s seafood product sector has emerged as a quality exporter of a wide variety of fish, with the most popular of them being tuna. Sri Lanka’s rich and relished seafood of different varieties are available through an extensive network of exporters.

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