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  • Business Matchmaking

    As an emerging global hub for trade and industry, we seek to make setting up a business in Sri Lanka or sourcing products and services from Sri Lanka, a hassle-free, seamless process for a global buyer or an investor.

    No matter who you are, where you from or the size of your organisation is, Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) is here to enable your collaborative journey with Sri Lankan industries and service providers.

    SLEDB business matchmaking service is designed to assist global buyers with;

    • Developing strategies and the best process for entering the Sri Lankan marketplace.
      With our long experience in promoting Sri Lankan industries across the world, SLEDB has accumulated a wealth of insights into local industries and relevant private and public sector organisations. Therefore, SLEDB is ideally positioned to provide global buyers and investors with exclusive insights and guidance on penetrating into local export markets.
    • Finding the best product and service from Sri Lanka, that best suit your business requirement.
      Our voluntary exporter registration process has enabled us to develop an authentic database of suppliers, exporters, and service providers, verified for their quality of production and sourcing from relevant industry-based organisations. Global buyers can choose suppliers and service providers from our database with the assurance of quality and authenticity.
    • Business matchmaking between local exporters and global investors for joint venture service and product development. 
      In addition to building individual connections between local suppliers and global buyers, SLEDB also encourages and facilitates investment by global investors in Sri Lankan key industries. Our facilitation network which includes the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka, main chambers of commerce and industry-based organisations allows us to direct global investors towards the most beneficial partnerships in Sri Lanka.
    • Facilitating the investment and sourcing process through trade promotion.
      SLEDB welcomes the participation of global buyers and investors at the local and global trade events to explore Sri Lankan export industries and meet and engage with Sri Lankan exporters and suppliers. Reap the best benefits of our business matchmaking service.

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