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    • 2020-09-27`

      EDB targets over USD 13 b export income this year

      The revised export target of the Export Development Board for 2020 is US$ 13.39 billion and of that we expect US$ 9.57 billion from merchandise exports and US$ 3.82 billion from services exports, EDB Chairman Prabhash Subasinghe said. He said the EDB has presented 11 project proposals for the 2021 Budget while continuing the National Export Strategy to develop a vibrant export industry.

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    • 2020-09-25`

      Sri Lanka Export Development Board proposes export stimulus reward scheme for exporters

      The commendable performance of Sri Lankan exporters and the resilience shown during an unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic is to be rewarded by the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, of the Ministry of Trade, through a proposed export stimulus Reward Scheme.

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    • 2020-09-24`

      President led first Export Development Council kicks off new initiatives

      The first meeting of the Export Development Council (EDC) was held yesterday under the patronage of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, focused on resolving issues related to exports in tandem with the National Export Strategy (NES) to be a game-changer in the post-COVID-19 economic transformation of Sri Lanka.

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    • 2020-09-22`

      E-commerce Readiness Assessment Report Sri Lanka launched

      E-commerce Readiness Assessment Report Sri Lanka was launched by the Commonwealth Secretariat (COMSEC) in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB). The report is the result of a request by the EDB in 2018 for technical assistance from COMSEC to conduct an e-readiness assessment for Sri Lanka and undertake capacity-building programmes on e-commerce for SMEs and women entrepreneurs. The project was funded by COMSEC through the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation (CFTC). The publication comes at a time when businesses in Sri Lanka were compelled to exploit e-commerce mechanisms in the wake of lockdowns and travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

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    • 2020-09-19`

      GPV Lanka wins Gold Award at Taiki Akimoto 5S Awards

      GPV Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd won the TAIKI AKIMOTO 5S Gold Award 2019 under the large category presented by Japanese Sri Lanka Technical and Cultural Association (JASTECA).

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    • 2020-09-14`

      Exports a near billion dollars for the 3rd consecutive month in a row - Export Performance in August 2020

      Sri Lanka’s exports during the month of August 2020 recorded a downfall of 19.2% to US$ 947.7 Mn as compared to the value of US$ 1,033.3 Mn recorded same month of last year.

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    • 2020-08-27`

      The Road to Measuring Sri Lanka's Logistics Economic Footprint

      Against a transformative and competitive regional backdrop, Sri Lanka aspires to become South Asia’s logistics hub. The leading impetus to this ambitious vision is Sri Lanka’s National Export Strategy (NES); and its prominence to the logistics industry. Directly employing roughly over 50,000 people industry-wide, the sector has an ambitious vision to grow from a traditional transshipment hub to a regional logistics center. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing transshipment hubs in the world, Sri Lanka offers a unique package of innovative multi-modal logistics services.

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    • 2020-08-14`

      The V shape recovery of Exports further up in July

      Sri Lanka’s exports have surpassed the $ 1 billion mark in July after six months time period where a similar achievement was only recorded in January during this year.

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    • 2020-08-12`

      Webinar on Exploring the Pakistan Tea Market for Ceylon Tea

      A webinar was held between the Sri Lanka High Commission and some tea importers in Pakistan on the 14th of July 2020 to exploit the market for Sri Lanka. The following observations were emphasized during the webinar;

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  • From EDB Blog

    • 2020-04-30

      Herbs that Heal - Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices from Sri Lanka

      From Ceylon Cinnamon to Ceylon Tea, Turmeric, and Ginger; herbs from Sri Lanka have long been known to have a boosting effect on our immune system. Whether made into a bitter, consumed with food or beverage and used as a spice these herbs and ingredients have been repeatedly proven to support the immune system function, and boost resistance to infection.

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    • 2020-04-23

      Leveraging the Unique Sri Lankan Brand in Export Development

      Sri Lanka, the celebrated Spice Island, is the proud country of origin of some of the world's highest-quality spices and is among the top spice exporting countries in the world.

      To protect the integrity of Sri Lankan spice exports and provide a convenient mean of identification for spices made in Sri Lanka the Sri Lanka Export Development Board has acquired and developed the ‘Ceylon Spices’ brand and geographic indication for five types of spices exported from Sri Lanka, which acts as a proof quality and flavour that is unique to the terroir of Sri Lanka.

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    • 2020-02-26

      Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

      Ayurveda is believed (with good reason) to be an eternal science that first existed in the universal consciousness (Brahma) before it was passed from the creator to the ancient Indian mystics through meditation. The roots of Ayurveda go deep into the antiquity. Many of the foods and spices associated with Ayurvedic cuisine, including rice, lentils, urad dal, ginger, and turmeric, were already being cultivated during this period.

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    • 2020-02-03

      Meet with Sri Lankan Organic food product Exporters at BioFach 2020

      BioFach, the world´s leading Trade Fair for Organic Food, combined with VIVANESS International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care, is an important business event, an emotional event for the sector, and both a get-together and an opportunity for positioning.

      Sri Lanka Export Development Board is organising Sri Lanka country Pavilion at BioFach 2020 to be held from February 12-15 at Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany. Fifteen (15) Food & Beverage Exporters from Sri Lanka will be showcasing their products at Sri Lanka Country Pavilion to be housed at "Stand No. -3A-414 of Hall No. 3A.

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    • 2020-02-03

      Meet with Sri Lankan Food and Beverages Exporters at Gulfood 2020

      “From fascinating new flavours to industry-shifting innovations and multi-million dollar export deals, Gulfood is the place to experience all the key moments driving the F&B industry forward and to see all the mega-trends come alive, like never before.” And 2020 marks the 25th edition of Gulfood to be hosted with the timely theme “Rethinking Food” from February 16-20, 2020 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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  • Trade Fairs & Exhibitions

    • Expo 2020 Dubai

      EXPO 2020 Dubai, the most anticipated global mega trade event in the Gulf region, has been rescheduled to run from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 in view of the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s gearing up to help shape a post-pandemic world and create a better future for all.

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    • Obtain a License from the EDB for ‘Ceylon Spices’ Trademark

      Obtain a License from the EDB for ‘Ceylon Spices’ Trademark

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    • Notice to all Organic Certification / Inspection Bodies operating in Sri Lanka

      Notice to all Organic Certification / Inspection Bodies operating in Sri Lanka

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