• Sri Lanka Exports Development Board (SLEDB) - Organisation Structure

    Sri Lanka's Apex Organisation for Export Promotion


  • Sri Lanka Export Development Board Ecosystem

    Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) is the executive body of the Export Development Council of Ministers headed by the President of Sri Lanka, while its administration is directed by the Ministry of Trade.

    The Export Development Council constitute of Ministers in charge of Trade, Shipping, Industries, Fisheries, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Planning and Rural Industries and the objective of the council was to advise the SLEDB with directives for prompt execution of the exportation related decisions.

    Board of Directors headed by the Chairman is responsible for the administration of the SLEDB, The Chairman also serves in the role of the Chief Executive who is assisted by the Director-General and two Additional Director Generals.

    The Chairman is supported by sixteen members, including the Secretaries of Ministries represented in the Export Development Council of Ministers, the CEO of the Sri Lanka Board of Investment (BOI) and six members from private sector enterprises, representing key industry, business, commerce, finance and other relevant fields, appointed by the Minister in Charge.

    The responsibilities of SLEDB have been segmented into multiple divisions, namely;

    • Board Secretariat - Responsible for the overall management, control and administration of the board activities
    • Business Support Unit - Implementation of markets access support programme to empower enterprises under the
      National Budget Proposal 2018, which commenced from 2018 to 2022.
    • Export Agriculture - Responsible for the export development and promotion of fresh, processed and value-added products including Ceylon Tea, Ceylon Spices and allied products, coconut and coconut-based products, fish and fisheries products, processed food, aquarium fish and aquatic plants, floriculture products and organic agriculture products.

      Develop & Promote agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture products through systematic and integrated programmes such as value chain enhancement, technology up-gradation, quality improvement, branding & brand promotion, provision of market intelligence, market promotion programmes and the administration of issuance of license for “Pure Ceylon Cinnamon” and “Ceylon Spice” Logos
    • Export Services - Provides assistance and creates opportunities for local professional services exporters including information and Communication Technology (ICT), Business Process Management (BPM), Knowledge Process Management (KPM), Electrical & Electronics, Printing & Packaging, Logistics, Construction, Marine & Offshore Engineering and Education to extend their business internationally.
    • Finance - Planning and implementing financial activities to ensure efficient financial management and control to supporting development and administrative tasks of the EDB Head Office and Regional Offices.
    • Human Resource Management - Responsible for assisting the Board in general administrative and personnel management activities and carrying out human resource development, skills development and training programmes.
    • Industrial Products - Responsible for the developing and promoting a strategically selected group of industrial products through systematic and integrated product development/adaptation, technology development, quality improvement, training and marketing. Identifying and formulating activities & strategies to enhance the overall supply chain efficiency of industrial products with all stakeholders
    • Information Technology - Responsible for the provision of an effective IT services to the organization & stakeholders through;

      Facilitating export marketing and online Promotion of Sri Lankan Products, Services & exporters through EDB website, www.srilankabusiness.com and Social media platforms. Increase market access and B2C transactions through eMARKETPLACE.

      Administration & maintenance of the EDB ICT infrastructure and provision of ICT support services align with the e-government policy to ensure the quality and availability of ICT services.
    • Internal Audit Unit - Responsible for auditing all the financial transactions of the board and carrying out annual audit programmes approved by the Auditor General.
    • Legal Unit - Responsible for Resolving legal disputes, preparation of legal documents to be filed in courts, and other legal forms, and drafting and executing commercial agreements, contracts and bonds related to the EDB’s activities and advising exporters on legal issues.
    • Market Development - Providing export marketing support for the development and improvement of the export performance of Sri Lankan products and services. Responsible for conducting Market Research & Surveys, Organizing market specific Seminars, Webinars & Forums to create awareness among exporters on new market opportunities, regulations, certifications & standards. Formulation & implementation of export market development & promotional programmes (Trade Exhibitions, Inward/ Outward Buyer Seller Meetings - Physical &Virtual). Coordinating activities related to bilateral and multilateral Free Trade Agreements, Joint Economic Commissions, Business Councils maximizing benefits of FTAs, PTAs & JCs etc.
    • Policy & Strategic Planning - Formulation and monitoring of export policies to enhance the competitiveness of the export sector; preparation and monitoring of National Export Strategies, the Corporate Plan and Action Plans of the EDB; and analyzing and disseminating export statistics.
    • Regional Development - Facilitating the development of export-potential, Small and Medium scale enterprises at national and provincial level to become as exporters.
    • Trade Facilitation and Trade Information - Assisting exporters to achieve trade efficiency by trade facilitation, resolving export related issues faced by exporters (Exporters’ Forum), providing advisory services, operating the scheme of registration of exporters, organizing and conducting training programmes on international trade, provision of trade information service for improving export performance by maintaining trade-related data bases, maintaining an up-to-date business library facility, packaging development and training, publications, coordinating seminars and participating at exhibitions

    Each division is headed by a director and supported by a team with related experience and expertise working together to make SLEDB the Sri Lankan Pride Across the World.

    Organizational Chart