• Sri Lanka Exports Development Board (SLEDB)

    Sri Lanka's Apex Organisation for Export Promotion


  • Sri Lanka Exports Development Board (SLEDB)

    Sri Lanka's Apex Organisation for Export Promotion


  • our Management

    Mr. Prabhash Subasinghe


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    • Addl. Director General -Development

      Vacant at the moment

    •  Addl. Director General-Finance & Administration

       Vacant at the moment

    Divisions/Units of the EDB & their Functions

    • Board of Management

      The Board of Management of the EDB consists of the Chairman and nine (9) other members who include the Secretaries of the Ministries represented in the EDCM, members from the private sector who are experienced in the fields of industry, business, commerce, finance or any other field relevant to export, appointed by the Ministry of Export Development and International Trade.
    • Board Secretariat

      Overall management, control and administration of the Board activities.



    • Market Development

      Ms. Anoma Premathilaka
      Director – Market Developments

      Export marketing support for the development and improvement of the export performances of Sri Lankan products and services through market research, advice on export marketing and trade negotiations.



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    • Regional Development

      Director -Regional Development

      Supporting the development of export-oriented small and medium-scale enterprises at national and provincial levels.

    • Industrial Products

      Ms. Chitranjali DissanayakeDirector - Industrial Products

      Developing and promoting a strategically selected group of industrial products through systematic and integrated product development/adaptation, technology development, quality improvement, training and marketing. Identifying and formulating activities & strategies to enhance the overall supply chain efficiency of industrial products with all stakeholders.



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    • Export Services

      Mr. M.K.S.K. Maldeni
      Director – Export Services

      The Export Services Division provides assistance and creates opportunities for local professional services companies including ICT,BPO,KPO and Electronic Products to extend their business internationally, thereby increasing export sales and employment prospects in the country through integrated programmes such as supply development, quality improvement and training, initiate product development and adaptation of such products / services to export market requirements. It offers assistance for the ICT/BPO/KPO exporters for market development and consultative services to small and mid-sized businesses and sponsors & co-sponsors educational seminars and training programs for exporters and potential exporters.



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    • Export Agriculture

      Ms. Malani BaddegamageDirector – Export Agriculture

      Developing and improving the export performance of agricultural, fisheries and aqua cultural products through systematic and integrated programmes.

      The main products handled by the Division include primary/processed and value added products such as Tea, Processed Food, Coir and Coir Based Products, Spices & Allied Products, Sea Food, Fruits & Vegetables, Aquarium Fish & Aquarium Plants, Oil Seeds & Pulses, Bottled Drinking Water, Organic Agriculture Products, Herbs and Herbal Preparations, Floriculture Products (flowers, plants, seeds, decorative leaves).

      + 94-11-2300731


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    • Finance

      Ms. G. M. Herath
      Director - Finance

      Assisting the Board in the management of the export development fund and other financial activities.

      + 94-11-2300734


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    • Human Resources Management

      Mr. K.K. Ruwan Kannangara
      Director - Human Resources Management

      Responsible for formulation of Human Resource Management and Administrative policies and carrying out the all administrative functions of the organisation



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    • Policy and Strategic Planning

      Formulation and monitoring of export policies to enhance the competitiveness of the export sector; preparation and monitoring of National Export Strategies, Corporate Plan and Action Plans of the EDB; and analyzing and disseminating export statistics.

    • Information Technology

      Vacant at the moment

      Director - Information Technology

      Provision of an effective IT services to the organization, facilitating export marketing through an online trading platform showcasing Sri Lanka’s products and services, provision of e-communication, e-promotion, monitoring the EDB website “www.srilankabusiness.com”, maintaining a conducive ICT policy with align to e-government policy in respect of computer hardware, software, usage, access and procurements.

    • Trade Facilitation and Trade Information

      Mr. S.R.P. Indrakeerthi
      Director - Trade Facilitation & Trade Information

      Assisting exporters to achieve trade efficiency by trade facilitation, resolving export related issues faced by exporters (Exporters’ Forum), providing advisory services, operating the scheme of registration of exporters, organizing and conducting training programmes on international trade, provision of trade information service for improving export performance by maintaining trade related data bases, maintaining an up-to-date business library facility, packaging development and training, publications, coordinating seminars and participating at exhibitions, liaise and coordinate the functions of the National Packaging Centre.

      + 94-11-2300723


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    • Legal

      Ms. Devi Thakshila Wijayaratne
      Legal Officer

      Resolving legal disputes, preparation of legal documents to be filed in courts and other legal forms and drafting and executing commercial agreements, contracts and bonds related to EDB activities and advise exporters on legal issues.



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    • Internal Audit

      Ms. Nilmini Ranasinghe
      Internal Auditor

      Responsible for auditing all financial transactions of the Board and carrying out annual audit programme approved by the Auditor General.



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    • Provincial Offices of the EDB

      SLEDB Provincial Office Southern Province

      1st Floor, No. 5A, C.A. Ariyathilaka Mw,
      Sri Lanka.

      +94-41-223 1591

      +94-41-223 1687

      SLEDB Provincial Office Central Province

      No. 675, 3rd Floor,
      William Gopallawa Mawatha,
      Sri Lanka

      +94-81-223 3592

      +94-81-220 1147

      SLEDB Provincial Office North Western Province

      2nd Floor, G-Six Building,
      No. 42, Mihindu Mawatha,
      Sri Lanka.

      +94-37-222 1972 +94-37-222-4256

      +94-37-222 4256

      SLEDB Provincial Office North Province

      NHDA Building,
      Forest Office Lane, Chundikkuli,
      Sri Lanka.

      +94 21 221 5944