Marine & Offshore Engineering Services

With a coastline of 1340 km dotted intermittently with major ports, natural harbours, fishing harbours and marinas, and a strategic location in the centre of trade routes, Sri Lanka is in an advantageous position to expand the country's offshore and marine engineering services including ship and boat building, drydock services, boat repairs and ship maintenance, production of marine engineering-related materials and equipment, floating deck repairs, and offshore drilling services.

The development of the industry aligns well with the country’s marine logistics services on offer at Colombo, Galle, and Hambantota Magampura ports, and country’s increasing popularity as a recreational boating hub in the region.

In addition, Trincomalee, Hambantota, Galle, and Colombo Ports are being developed to deliver marine and offshore services across the oil & gas industry, offshore renewable sector, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) sector, shipbuilding, repair, servicing and lay-up sectors, sub-sea and oceanographic and engineering sectors, enabling an offering for a full suite of integrated solutions for the global marine & offshore industries.

Major Marine & Offshore Engineering Services

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    Colombo Dockyard PLC operates four graving drydocks with maximum capacity up to 125,000 DWT located inside the port of Colombo, in joint collaboration with Onomichi Dockyard Co. Ltd. Japan since 1993. Company specializes as a ship repairer and builder located strategically at one of the main marine hubs close to main sea lanes.

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    Hayleys Energy Services Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. (HES) is the leading Energy Logistics & Support Services provider in Sri Lanka for International Oil & Gas companies seeking Upstream, Midstream and Downstream opportunities and Renewal Energy Solutions in the country.

    Our wide spread spectrum of services offers end to end and customized solutions for clients.

    Hayleys Energy Services management and its team boasts over 10 years of proven experience in Oil & Gas servicing and over 100 years of experience in Transportation & Logistics with the synergies of its parent company Hayleys PLC and Hayleys Advantis Limited.

    HES is fully geared to cater to the increasing demand and changing dynamics of the Industry by customizing its services to suit the requirements of our esteemed client base

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  • GAC Shipping Ltd

    Whether you’re a vessel owner looking for quality shipping services, a market leader in need of a reliable freight forwarder, or a marine company seeking world-class offshore support, think GAC.

    We are in business to help your business thrive, even in challenging times. Our promise to provide the best in shipping, logistics and marine services is one we take seriously. And we have the reach, resources, expertise and experience to deliver on that promise.

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Marine & Offshore Engineering Services

Sri Lanka’s multitude of offshore and marine engineering services consist of ship and boat repair services, mini-hydropower generation services, hydraulics engineering services, telecommunication services, geo/ bio, and environmental engineering services, and power and energy services.

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