Ayurvedic & Herbal Products

Sri Lankans have always known the healing and glamorising powers of Ayurveda and herbal ingredients found in abundance in nature. With nearly 2000 years of history of Ayurveda treatments and cosmetology, the country is no stranger to reaping the benefits of nature to stay healthy and look good.

Sri Lanka at present produces a range of Ayurveda and herbal products including, herbal cosmetics and beauty products, herbal health supplements, and over the counter Ayurveda medicines.

Made by combining natural ingredients, ancient knowledge, and modern technology, under globally accepted quality standards, Sri Lanka ayurvedic and herbal products are rigorously evaluated by the cosmetic evaluation subcommittee (CESC), and Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation from the stage of sourcing, to production and storage.

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  • Ayurvedic and Herbal Products

    Sri Lankan Ayurvedic and Herbal Products

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Major Ayurvedic & Herbal Products Exporters

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    Victory Impex Pvt Ltd is an Export company involved in Perfumes, Cosmetics, Shampoos & Makeup Preparations, Travel Goods, Bags, Printed Books & Printed Matter, Furniture & Seats, Apparel, Other Products of Plastics, Glass & Glassware, Jewellery, Made-Up Textile Articles, Cartons, Boxes & Bags, Other Manufactu

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    Global Trading Services (GTS) is one of the leading registered export service providers in Sri Lanka, with a track record of 17+ years in the industry.

    GTS takes pride in exporting a wide array of superior quality Sri Lankan food products.Our core business service is exporting locally sourced food products to various international markets, under our own brand, Inndu Sri, as well as local brands.

    GTS is a proud supply partner of world’s leading retail chains, making the taste of Sri Lanka easily accessible to the globe.

    We export all Sri Lankan spices and Curry Powders and mixtures, Ready to Eat Products, Range of Cashews, Rice Varieties, Flour Varieties, Cooking Essentials, Pickles, Chutneys and other Pastes, Dried & Processed Fish, Canned Fish, Coconut Related Products, Biscuits and Beverage products.

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    Janet Ayurvedics (Pvt) Ltd is the pioneer in the manufacture of Ayurvedic beauty and personal care in Sri Lanka. Since 1961, we have been producing natural skin and hair care preparations on a small scale. In 1991 the Company embarked on a program of research and development especially aimed at presenting a range of herbal beauty preparations incorporating Ayurvedic medicinal formulae and the latest advancements in western skin science.Five years later, in 1996 the JANET AYURVEDA – Health & Skin Care Range comprising of nearly 50 different herbal and Ayurvedic preparations for skin, hair and body care; was launched nationally. In a short period of six months from launch, sales of this range achieved market leadership status in Sri Lanka’s herbal beauty care market.JANET AYURVEDA –has now entered the global beauty care market in international quality packaging and has been the recipient of two world quality commitment awards in Paris (2004) and London (2006) in recognition of its continuous quest for high quality natural products.

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    Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd (NBC) is Sri Lanka’s largest and greenest European recognized GMP certified cosmetics manufacturer, and the winner of Sri Lanka’s highest National Green Award. NBC manufactures several leading herbal and Ayurveda beauty and baby care brands including Nature’s Secrets, Sri Lanka’s No. 1 herbal beauty brand. NBC also manufactures germ fighting soaps and sanitizers. It is also the only Sri Lanka company to obtain the prestigious NATRUE certification.

    From its inception, NBC has been fiercely passionate about environmental conservation, consumer wellbeing and community empowerment. Taking a step further to help preserve the island’s biodiversity, It has also grown a sprawling garden of over 800 medicinal plant varieties, including endemic and endangered species. Today it is the island’s largest privately held medicinal plant collection for conservation and cosmetic research.

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    Hemas Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd is a leading manufacturer in Sri Lanka’s Home & Personal Care sector. The business produces and markets a wide range of products across multiple categories. Hemas takes pride in using local insights to innovate and develop winning consumer-centric propositions, which have helped establish our brands as trusted household names with leading positions in the market. The success of the business continues to be driven by its deep understanding of the Sri Lankan consumer, coupled with an unwavering commitment to offer superior quality and value via its products and services.

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    Related Institutions for Ayurveda and herbal products are Department of Ayurveda, Health Department...

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Ayurvedic & Herbal Products

Ayurveda is an art of healthy living and healing practiced around the world. Ayurvedic commodities exported by Sri Lanka include spices, essential oils, and other plant-based traditional medicine that are held in high regard all around the world.

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