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  • Important certificates for export purpose

    Exporters are expected to forward the following documents in preparation of their export orders.

    1. Company registration – Registration of companies
    2. Export registration- with the SLEDB
    3. Quality certificate can be obtained from the SLSI (Sri Lanka Standard Institution) and/ or SGS, Colombo.
    4. Custom clearance at any destination may require phytosanitary certificate, which can be obtained from the plant quarantine office either in the Sea Port or in the Air Port.
    5. Certificate of origin (CO) and other required documents for natural ingredients and product range by the Department of Commerce, which is the designated issuing authority in Sri Lanka. Forms are obtainable from the Department of Commerce.
    6. If the buyers require a certificate of origin from any particular chamber, the specimen forms should be obtained from the chamber nominated by the buyer.
    7. It requires analysis certificates for herbal extracts, spices, essential oils and natural products which can be obtained from the ITI (Industrial Technology Institute).
    8. Before transporting goods to the Port the custom declaration (CUSDEC) needs to be completed. Exporters who wish to claim duty rebate must get the exporter’s copy of the CUSDEC endorsed at the customs Head office.

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Ayurveda is an art of healthy living and healing practiced around the world. Ayurvedic commodities exported by Sri Lanka include spices, essential oils, and other plant-based traditional medicine that are held in high regard all around the world.

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