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Sri Lanka is home to a total of 111 ornamental fish species living in fresh, brackish and marine water habitats, which makes the country one of the most sought-after aquarium fish exporter destinations to the world. The ornamental fish industry in Sri Lanka has a history of nearly 100 years when a group of hobbyists and collectors started exploring and discovering exotic fish varieties in the rivers, lagoons, and marine habitats around the country. Yet, the rise of conservatism and the urge for sustainable breeding and harvesting practices in the global ornamental fish industry, as well as the introduction of local laws and regulations to curb destruction of habitats and breeding populations of rare and threatened exotic fish species, has driven the ornamental fish industry in Sri Lanka to a new direction, compelling them to take steps on sustainable harvesting and breeding.

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    Tropical Fish International (TFI) is committed to providing our customers with the experience, quality, value and selection they need to be successful. We strive to continuously improve on the current best practices to deliver a healthy, sustainable and profitable product to our customers.

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    Lumbini Aquaria is the first ever ornamental fish and aquatic plants exporter in Sri Lanka which has been trading high quality fresh water, brackish water and marine ornamental fish species, invertebrates and aquatic plants to the international market since 1952.

    The presence of Lumbini in the global market for 65 years has enabled the company to acquire a plethora of experience, technical know-how and the mastery over the trade in order to deliver high-grade live ornamental aquatic products to its customers all over the world. Strict quality assurance and trust have helped Lumbini retain its existing customer base and expand its business to new vistas.

    Our R&D (Research and Development) Unit is staffed by qualified and experienced panel of aqua culturists who adhere to stringent quality controls and ensure high quality output. Lumbini has four farms that cultivate ornamental fish and span across 15 hectares that is located in close proximity to the Colombo International Airport.

    Customer satisfaction is hundred percent guaranteed and the delivery is assured within seven days of placing of the order. Lumbini is acclaimed by the Ornamental Fish International (OFI) for its contribution to the industry as one of its founding members.

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    Sri Lanka, a tropical island in the Indian Ocean is renowned for the breeding of healthy ornamental fish with exuberant colours. Orna Fish is a leading & resourceful breeder/exporter in Sri Lanka consisting 71,000 square foot of tanks. Maintenance of a family breeding unit for the supply of healthy parents, frequent introduction of new varieties, competitive prices, and ability to supply a quality product according to the needs of customers at short notice make Orna Fish the most preferred supplier to discerning markets.

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    "Miracle Pets International" is Sri Lanka’s most dynamic ornamental fish exporter with many years of experience in breeding, growing and exporting ornamental fish. We have invested in modern technology to offer highest quality live fish and we continuously improve our systems and procedures to achieve customer satisfaction. We strive on our philosophy "Quality Through Technology" which ensures only high quality live fish to the international market. We boast of Sri Lankan first and only complete live fish warehouse equipped to quarantine and pack both fresh water and marine fish. We offer the best quality at the best price, Come! Do experience the difference by placing an order with us for your live aquatic requirements.

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    Seylon Aquatics Pvt Ltd – Incorporated in year 2003 is more than a full time whole sale Exporter/Supplier to the international market with Tropical & Salt Water fish, Shrimps & invertebrates, Aquatic Plants, Dry Goods for Reptiles, Rodents and Birds. The company is finely located 45 minutes away from the Colombo International Air Port and the Negombo coast.

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    This is a business coming along way with help of the family members .Most of them were, and are still involved in this business. We started distributing fish to the domestic exporters since 1974.We were the main suppliers for the domestic exporters of Sri Lanka. Tsuyoshi Trading Co ( Pvt) Ltd, by it’s name, was established in Colombo capital of Sri Lanka in 1998 by the Managing Director Mrs. Samanda Ranjanie Chang and the CEO Chang See Swang who had a lot of experience on this profession. It was after this, that we officially started to export fish. Now Tsuyoshi Trading Co (Pvt) Ltd is specializing in exporting Marine, Fresh water, Brackish water fish, and also water plants. 

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    Lanka Pets Aquatics of Sri Lanka is a newly established company which offers a supreme customer service in the industry of aquatics. Our speciality is to provide our valuable customers, guaranteed quality ornamental fish in marine, fresh and brackish water streams. Also we are specialised to offer the rare quality species from around Sri Lanka, for competitive prices with the best quality fish at any given time

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    Ornamental Fish, Live Fish Exporter

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    Bio World Aquatics:- is a brand name created by Bio World Holdings (Pvt) Ltd for ornamental Fish exports located in Sri Lanka. Bio World Aquatics is a full time exporter of live ornamental fish and aquatic plants to many destinations around the word. The company is legally registered as an exporter and has obtained all necessary quarantine approvals to be eligible to provide any kind of health certificate to suit any destination.

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    At Haritha Fish Farm, a highly innovative farm located in an eco-friendly environment at the edge of the Colombo district in Sri Lanka. We are one of the leading fish breeding farms in Sri Lanka that produce live bears, tetras, barbs, cichlids, goldfish, koi, and a lot of egg layer varieties. We are very popular for breeding new guppy varieties like Elephant Ear, Albino, Dwarf and many more.

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  • Developing New Species of Ornamental Fish

    With our specialist fish breeders, Sri Lanka develops new species with different features to ensure that it has a refreshing collection. Sri Lanka won as many as 30 awards for the best and new varieties of various species at the “Aquarama 2013” International Ornamental Fish Competition held in Singapore, amply demonstrating the country's professionalism in fish breeding.

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  • Quantity and Exports of Ornamental Fish

    A majority of Sri Lankan ornamental fish breeders targets the export market; however, those not up to international quality standards are sold at the local market. There are around 45 established exporters in the sector. In 2011, the total turnover amounted to US $10 Mn.

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  • Ornamental Fish eBrochures & Reading Materials

    Introduction of Breeding Technology for New Fish Varieties and Improved Packing Technology for Ornamental Fish Industry in Sri Lanka.

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Ornamental Fish

Sri Lanka is one of the leading ornamental fish exporters to the world with our aquariums and fish farms successfully captive breeding some of the most exotic and rare freshwater, marine and brackish water fish species and marine ornamental invertebrates in the world

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