The Business entity was started in Colombo by its founder Farhath Amith in February 1986 as an Exporter of Traditional and non Traditional Sri Lankan Products. Company’s first export product to Canada in August 1986 is Kapok a Natural Fibre used for stuffing purposes. Product range expanded to fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Sea Foods, Coconuts and Coir Fibre Products and Spices. From Agricultural Products sector, we diversified to Horticultural Exports covering Fresh Cut Flowers, Fresh Cut Foliage, Ornamental Live Plants, Fruit Plants, Cover Crop & Palm Seeds and these until recently with a local venture have started Compost Fertilizer turned out from Organic raw materials is now our front line exports to serve the Horticultural and Agricultural business sector.

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Products / Services RangeNatural Fertilizers, Natural Potting Mix, Cut Flowers and Foliage, Live Plants, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Sri Lankan Spices, Ornamental Live Fish, Coir Products-Coco Peat and Coir Fiber

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Address No.224/2A Negambo Road Wattala

Telephone(94) 11-2934234 (94) 11-7227444

Fax(94) 11-2945111

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Contact Person Mr. Farhath Amith Director

Telephone (94) 11-2934234

Fax (94) 11-2945111

Email [email protected]


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