• Sri Lanka Exports Development Board (SLEDB) - Our Mandate

    Sri Lanka's Apex Organisation for Export Promotion


  • Our Mandate

    As the national body responsible for the development and promotion of exports of Sri Lanka, the main responsibilities of Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) include;

    • Assisting in the improvement of the macro and microeconomic environment viz-a-viz the development of exports by making policy recommendations in association with the relevant state and private sector agencies.
    • Formulating and implementing the National Export Development Plan and sectoral development plans, in association with the relevant state and private sector agencies.
    • Providing exporters with a viable overseas market-environment by active participation in trade negotiations and relevant follow-up activities.
    • Conducting market research and surveys to identify market opportunities for Sri Lankan products and services.
    • Implementation of supply development programmes including technical, quality and packaging development, in order to assist exporters and potential exporters to improve and increase the competitive quality of their exports.
    • Formulating and implementing integrated product development and market development programmes, in order to expand existing markets and support exporters and potential exporters' entry into new markets.
    • Promoting exports by the virtue of EDB's physical presence overseas.
    • Implementing export development programmes for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in order to increase the awareness of the export potential of the SME sector and to encourage and assist SMEs to export.
    • Providing up to date information on markets, products, tariffs, regulations, international commodity prices, national and international trade statistics through online access to international databases, in-house trade publications and audiovisual support and promotional material
    • Supporting exporters and potential exporters to conduct their business more effectively, with the use of information and communication technology.
    • Assisting the export sector to achieve trade efficiency by helping them to resolve their problems/constraints in association with related agencies.
    • Assisting in the improvement of export support services in coordination with other service providers.
    • Working with international trade promotion organizations as well as other local trade support organizations in assisting exporters and potential exporters in the development of business opportunities in the world market.
    • Implementing human resource development training and awareness programmes for exporters, potential exporters and related personnel, with the objective of helping them to acquire and enhance their skills in technology, productivity, financial, general management, and export marketing sectors.

    How SLEDB Help Global Buyers?

    Sri Lanka is a complex marketplace with more than 22 million people spread across different provinces and region with vast differences in climate and geography covering hundreds of miles. There are large metropolitan areas and small rural hamlets. The English language is spoken throughout the country.

    The dynamic Sri Lankan marketplace holds opportunities for almost any product or service. However, success at Sri Lankan and global marketplace require solid planning and strategy, commitment and dedication, and a knowledge of how to navigate the system. With a multitude of trade organizations, annual trade shows, fairs, expositions, and trade & industry-related publications, it can be difficult for an international company to determine where to concentrate its efforts.

    However, the SLEDB has done its homework and is familiar with the complexities of the Sri Lankan marketplace and can help you focus your efforts where they would reap the best benefits. SLEDB can put our multiple resources at your disposal to maximize your results

    Among our services for global buyers and investors are;

    • Evaluates strategies for entering the Sri Lankan marketplace
    • Resolving the main issues involved in selecting product or service.
    • Facilitate product and service sourcing from Sri Lanka
    • Business matchmaking between local exporters and global buyers
    • Facilitating a protection framework for global buyers and investors
    • Seminars on understanding the Sri Lankan marketplace and how to best utilize opportunities for business in Sri Lanka
    • Assistance with marketing at Sri Lankan trade shows

    Moreover, in our effort to ensure the quality and authenticity of Sri Lankan exports in the global market, SLEDB follows a rigorous process exporter registration in coordination with the government organisations responsible for each industry.

    Exports are monitored for the quality of their production on the aspects of sourcing, sustainability, and financial viability, through a voluntary registration process for exporters.

    How SLEDB Can Help Local Exporters?

    Since the beginning, SLEDB has adopted multiple responsibilities in promoting Sri Lanka’s export of products and services to the global market, by playing the role of a policy advisor, monitor, promoter, facilitator and knowledge provider. Our close association and familiarity with various industries and services allow us to identify the roadblocks and difficulties that occur within each sector and facilitate their smooth operation through the development of new regulations, and policy framework.

    In addition, SLEDB works in close association with departments, corporations, and other organisations at the helm of the industries and services serving the export markets to promote Sri Lankan exporters to the global markets and educate local suppliers and service providers with the newest market and industry trends in the world, to expand their potential within a global arena.

    We also work hand in hand with international trade organisations and events to create a strong blending environment for Sri Lankan exporters and global buyers by organising state-sponsored platforms at global trade events, especially enabling local SMEs in reaching global markets.

    Among the other services provided by SLEDB for local exporters and suppliers are;

    • Development of Marketing research and feasibility studies
    • Development of sales and marketing strategies
    • Organization of sales and distribution mission in the SAARC region
    • Development of a targeted database for marketing
    • Assistance in penetrating overseas markets.
    • Determining the marketing communications plan that will have the optimum impact on buyers while staying with the budget.
    • Development of sales structures that will produce the best results.
    • Analyzes the overseas buyer's existing perceptions of local companies and products from Sri Lanka.
    • Makes recommendations on how to improve the buyer's understanding of Sri Lankan organisations and their core competencies.