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    Since its establishment in 1979, Sri Lanka Export Development Board has been playing a central role in the growth and expansion of Sri Lanka's Export industry. A number of Sri Lankan export businesses has made their mark in the international markets with the help and guidance from EDB. Below are the summaries of a few of such impressive success stories.

    EDB Success Stories

    DJ Products

    Janaki Amarasinghe is the sole proprietor of DJ Products, a successful business involved in handlooms and spices. Today, her business is the source of livelihood for 168 employees. Her prowess in entrepreneurship was even recognized nationally when she won the Women Entrepreneur Gold Award under the medium enterprises category by the Women International Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka in 2018.

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    Kahawunu Ceylon Pvt Ltd

    Dananjaya Wijesekara proprietor of Kahawunu Ceylon Pvt Ltd is one confident young man who takes challenges head on. When he founded his incense stick business in 2018, he was earning a six-figure monthly salary as an area sales manager of Hemas Pharmaceuticals. However, Dananjaya – a man of high ambitions and lofty goals – was not at peace with the security and stability his lucrative job guaranteed.

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    Nature Healing Ayur (Pvt) Ltd

    Mrs. Supuli Sililari Wickramanayake Karunaratne is the proud proprietor of Nature Healing Ayur (Pvt) Ltd which manufactures health-concerned ayurvedic products sourced from local ingredients. Having started her business in 2016 at Habaraduwa, Galle, she became the best female entrepreneur in the Southern Province in 2017 before successfully attaining the 3rd place at the national level in 2019. Currently, she exports ayurvedic products to various countries such as Switzerland, Lithuania, Japan, and the Maldives.

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    MAS Holdings

    Inspiring the world with design, innovation and excellence, MAS Holdings has established themselves as the preferred supplier of the world’s foremost fashion brands. A company built on a far reaching idea 25 years ago, MAS exuberates the perfect blend of daring, creativity and visionary thinking that has earned them global acclaim...

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    DSI Tyres was established in 1983 as a member of the DSI Samson Group. We are one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of pneumatic tyres and tubes in Sri Lanka. Today, we are catering more than 70 countries across all 06 continents. Countries like Tanzania we are the market leader and most of the countries such as UK, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Poland, Australia, Egypt, Kenya, Zambia, Guinea, Uganda, Dubai, Syria and Pakistan are having the considerable market share too...

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    Hirdaramani Group

    The Hirdaramani legacy begins in 1890, when a 16 year old Parmanand Hirdaramani set up a small retail store along the cobblestoned pathways of Chatham Street, Fort. Emerging from these small beginnings, the innovative Hirdaramani spirit took flight as this modest retail enterprise continued to flourish, establishing itself as Hirdaramani Ltd in the 1940’s pioneering the fashion retail industry with the introduction of ‘Popular’ and ‘Diplomat’, the leading brands for shirts throughout the fifties and sixties...

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    Brandix Lanka Limited

    At Brandix, we often recall with gratitude the many invaluable inputs we have received from the EDB over the years. We continue to benefit from the insight, experience and advocacy the Board has to offer, and have no reservations in commending its officials individually and collectively for their commitment....

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