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  • Sri Lanka Exports Development Board (SLEDB)

    Sri Lanka's Apex Organisation for Export Promotion


  • KIK Group

    Quality; Tech-superiority; and Unparalleled Service standards; driving growth for decades

    The KIK Group of Companies is an award-winning electrical manufacturer and exporter based in the Katunayake free trade zone. Established in 1994, KIK has created a significant space for itself in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry and maintained a stellar reputation as an exporter for almost three decades. In 1994, KIK began manufacturing Low Voltage Electrical Panels (LV Power Distribution Boards) for the domestic market.

    Going Global with Superior Technology, Precision and Flexibility

    The export journey of the company began in 1997 when Mr. Lalith Kahatapitya, the chairman of the group, having realized the potential of entering the export market, established a large operation in the free trade zone Sri Lanka and extended to a liaison office in India in early 2000. Despite many negative speculations about the intense competition that was already present in the Indian market, KIK created invaluable exposure that presented many opportunities in the country including the first metro station in India, Delhi Metro Station. The quality, flexibility, and technical superiority of the KIK products gave KIK the much-needed competitive advantage to be successful in India and through strong referrals, in neighbouring markets such as Maldives, Bangladesh, Rwanda & Myanmar.

    Since its inceptions KIK has been supplying highly customized completed reliable and safe products to the market. In 2014 when the organization started a new operation of backward vertical integration by building their own enclosure solutions; a patented product, it opened another export avenue to the manufacturer to provide solutions to a prestigious clientele with modular enclosure solutions resemblant of a Lego system for panel builders, as their competitive edge. With the new addition, not only could they now source modular electrical enclosures required for their primary product by manufacturing it themselves, but also export it to other panel manufacturers around the globe. Convenience and Speed were two factors that attracted panel manufacturers, distributors, and other clients to source their enclosures from KIK.

    The company now exports to numerous destinations including Maldives, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Rwanda, Sudan, Qatar, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, and Singapore. Exporting modular enclosure solutions has proved to be a lucrative B2B operation that is much more logistically convenient. KIK supplies every customer with a product and service exclusively customized to meet a specific requirement. The customers receive the enclosure “KIKBLOX” in the form of modular systems which they can then assemble by themselves with ease.

    An Incredible Journey and an Impressive Portfolio

    Since its inception in 1994, the KIK Group has been engaged in a variety of noteworthy projects in the sectors of hospitality, logistics and transportation, automobile manufacturing, real-estate, construction, banking and financial, energy and power, medical, telecommunications, retail, and textile. Technical superiority, flexibility, technical support, international quality standards, type test certifications, on time delivery, reliability, and safety have been key driving forces behind the group. With these stringent quality measures, KIK has always been able to attract customers based on references and the word of mouth. It is the same reputation that has enabled the group to build an incredible portfolio which includes global projects such as the first metro station in Delhi-India, several Power Plants in Bangladesh, the Male Airport and clients such as Nokia, Motorola Daimler, Flextronics, Danfoss and FOXCONN to name a few.

    Innovation, product development and research have always been a part of the KIK culture. The group engages heavily in Research and Development and are the proud owners of numerous related diversifications, Patents, Type Test Certifications, and products. Product development work in the areas of Automation Solutions (SCADA etc.), IOT Solutions, SMART Panels (Temperature, ARC fault monitoring & protection etc.), Draw out Solutions, Synchronizing, Motor Control Centres, Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks, Automatic Load Transfer Panels, Meter Panel Boards & Power Distribution are few other areas of development that the group currently engages in. The group expects to intensify these engagements in future with the aspirations of further raising standards and expanding their presence in global markets while retaining the Sri Lankan spirit to offer a global product with the Sri Lankan pulse.

    KIK has also extended their services to develop Engineering Drawings for Panel Builders and related customers, with the assistance of a highly qualified team and decades of experience delivering optimized solutions.

    A Testimony to Sri Lankan Entrepreneurship

    The group also works closely with the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka and appreciates the efforts of the EDB towards the development of the electrical and electronic export sector of the country. So far, the EDB has provided the group with opportunities to participate in international trade fairs and exhibitions and arranged networking opportunities for sourcing new business. In addition, the EDB has played a commendable facilitating role during challenging times like the pandemic in 2020/21 and has helped to ensure efficient functioning of the business.

    The KIK Group has been recognized at many forums for the exceptional quality and service delivery that are hallmarks of the company. Winning the Presidential Export Award, The National Gold Award, CNCI Achiever, Sri Lanka Entrepreneur of the year Platinum Award, SLCSI Platinum Award, IESL Engineering Excellence Award, NCE Export Award and Sri Lanka Entrepreneur of the year Gold Award are few accolades of the company.

    As a pioneering electrical manufacturer in the country, the KIK Group has always worked towards developing the industry, uplifting the lives of its employees, and supporting the communities. Organizing blood donation camps, donation of essential garments, white canes, Wheelchairs, Medical Equipment, and donations made to Ranawiru Sevana -in Ragama are few examples of the charitable endeavours conducted by the group over the years. A special initiative among the many activities the organization has launched towards this endeavour was collaborating with the Rotary club to provide vocational training for technicians in the electrical and electronic sector.

    The KIK group has set their sights on extensive growth and expanding its global presence in the coming years and is ready to pursue and embrace viable global opportunities through technology partnerships, joint-ventures, or other forms of suitable engagements, with reputable global players.