Sri Lanka, the island of ingenuity, has been celebrated for the innovation, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities for centuries. From providing intricate engineering solutions to building expansive tanks and lofty stupas to innovating scalable solutions, Sri Lankan had been at the forefront in providing simple solutions to big questions. Today, the inbuilt ingenuity of Sri Lankans are expressed through our cutting edge innovations in the ICT sector and Sri Lankan ICT metal is behind the innovations that power international stock markets, telecommunication and transportation systems in Europe and the UK. ICT services are the 4th largest export earner of the country. The Sri Lankan ICT sector serves a number of Industry verticals with over 300 companies at present. These include Communication, Apparel and Textiles, Banking Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Retailing, Transportation, Travel and Leisure and many more

The industry is adamant on compliance with global labour and environment standards. A highly skilled talent pool combined with the cost-effective operational ability (low priced real estate, wage scale and living) makes Sri Lanka’s ICT Industry one of the most profitable industries to date.

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    What makes Sri Lankan Workforce Standout


    ICT Destination of Choice


    Export Performance Report

Industry Facts

  • $5 billion

    Export revenue target by 2022

  • 146,000

    People employed

  • 300+

    ICT companies in the sector

Island of Ingenuity

Island of Ingenuity