Ewave Corporation Pvt Ltd

Ewave Corporation Pvt Ltd Ewave Corporation Pvt Ltd
eWAVE Corporation Private Limited (eWAVE) is a company primarily engaged as a provider of computer software outsourcing services. eWAVE assumes complete responsibility for developing computer software to meet all the requirements of its clients using state of the art development protocols.

We are proficient in enterprise software, supply chain management software, customer relations management software, and application integrations using most major software programs, platforms and languages.

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Ewave Corporation Pvt Ltd

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Company NameEwave Corporation Pvt Ltd

Products / Services RangeEnterprise Software, Supply Chain Management Software, Customer Relations Management Software

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Address 2B, 10Th Lane, Kollupitty, Colombo 03.

Telephone(94) 11-2594308 (94) 11-2501371 (94) 11-4512727

Fax(94) 11-2370584 (94) 11-2501479

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Contact Person P. Thayaparan


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