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Sri Lanka has a historical connection to handlooms and the loom had been portrayed generously in local myths and legends. With records of Sri Lanka trading vividly designed cotton textiles with India and China as far as 1000 years ago, the country has been known as a hotspot of textile manufacturing.

Today, Sri Lankan handloom industry is basically a cottage industry, with few large manufacturers leading the way. An industry governed largely by women, the Sri Lankan heritage and traditional weaving patterns are kept alive in collaboration with the National Handloom Center of Sri Lanka. Most of Sri Lankan handlooms are made of cotton and silk threads and many are presented as sarees, shawls, sarongs as well as household linen, upholstery, tapestry, and curtain fabrics. Exported around the world and available under local and global brands traditional handlooms of Sri Lanka continue to add colour to many living spaces around the country.

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    For 28 years, Selyn has been recognized globally for its premium quality of export goods. From toys that makes your little one smile to the extravagant beauty that vibrates through our own upcycled fashion collections, we make sure that we continue to consistently adhere to our sustainable and ethical practices. From Germany to Australia we have made our mark as the only Fair Trade guaranteed Handloom Company in Sri Lanka. Be a part of the change to uplift our the lives of our artisan communities.

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    Barefoot products are designed in Sri Lanka. Every item is specially designed for Barefoot, and is made either by workers at home or by local artists and craftsmen. There are no factories and no production lines; each worker is responsible for the quality of his or her final product. We teach skills and strive for quality from our hand weavers or stitchers. Our workers are not cheap substitute for machinery. This is why Barefoot products cost a little more, but last much longer. We work almost exclusively with women, a tradition started by Barbara Sansoni 50 years ago. We work in small workshops, most of which are located in the countryside. We take work to them rather than expecting them to spend long hours travelling. Barefoot uses the inspiration of land and seascapes, earth, plants and animals of Sri Lankan in abstract geometry with vivid colour to produce beautiful and useful textiles. The cotton, silk and wool yarns are hank dyed and woven by hand. The team of designers directed by Barbara Sansoni also designs their own range of clothes, bags, household linen and toys made from their textiles.

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    Kandygs started with 10 machines in 1971 and has now become a large factory with 200 handlooms, 30 power looms, 50 sewing machines and a fully equipped dye house. We boast to have trained more than 200 experts working in their own homes giving our product even a better value. Our dyeing is high tech as we want to achieve the best possible colour for our customer satisfaction and we guarantee for using safe dyes.

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    Urban Island partners with rural artisans in Sri Lanka to produce high quality hand-made homeware and textiles. Our beautifully-designed product line includes placemats and table linen, cushion covers, basketry, hand-turned wood boards and bowls and forged steel objects.

    Urban Island (which is registered under the business name of IC Collection) began as a local initiative by Colombo’s Academy of Design to help support Sri Lankan artisans primarily in northern communities. We have since expanded to work with rural crafts people across the island. Purchasing from the Urban Island range helps to provide dignified home-based employment for skilled artisans, many of whom are women.

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    KO LANKA was established in 1989 under a joint venture with a Korean entity in aim of producing 100% Silk Kimonos to the Japanese Market thus became the leading exporter till 1998 with a massive workforce more than 225!

    Due to a sudden change in Japanese fashion trends, KO LANKA changed the production to 100% Hand woven products in Silk & Cotton. Sooner our handloom products attracted a massive audience of Sri Lankan and International customers.

    With more than 25 years of quality and perfection, KO LANKA is one of the finest handloom producers in the island!

    We have a range of handloom wear starting mainly from Silk, Cotton & Reyon sarees to blouses, skirts, shirts, sarongs, shawls and even toys!

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    Related Institutions / Associations for Sri Lankan handloom industry is Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Department of Textiles…

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Handloom Products

The elegance of handcrafted sarees, the vibrancy of soft toys, the innovative colour combinations of upholstery fabrics are all part of Sri Lanka's centuries-old handloom textile industry. The wide range of products and expert exporters are well-suited to fulfil any requirements.

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