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    Sri Lanka's Handloom Textile Industry is centuries old. The industry has helped showcase the undying creativity of generations of Sri Lankans taking them to the international arena. A range of designs and colours, individual and innovative designs, craftsmanship, colour combination and patterns are handed down from generation to generation.

    The Handloom Textile Industry is a highly labour intensive export-oriented rural based industry in Sri Lanka. The industry produces predominantly cotton and silk products, utilizing cotton and silk yarn. Generally, with low capital costs and running expenses, handloom is a household or cottage industry, where skilled hands create value added products.

    Another feature is that the industry has the flexibility to supply both in small quantities and in larger quantities as well as styles to fit individual tastes and requirements of different buyers from various cultures. There is immense potential for use of alternative raw materials, abundantly available in Sri Lanka.


    Sri Lankan Handloom Products

Handloom Products

The elegance of handcrafted sarees, the vibrancy of soft toys, the innovative colour combinations of upholstery fabrics are all part of Sri Lanka's centuries-old handloom textile industry. The wide range of products and expert exporters are well-suited to fulfil any requirements.