• Sri Lanka Exports Development Board (SLEDB)

    Sri Lanka's Apex Organisation for Export Promotion


  • Sri Lanka Exports Development Board (SLEDB)

    Sri Lanka's Apex Organisation for Export Promotion


  • Trade Intelligence & Information

    Development of Sri Lankan exports depends largely on the availability of proper trade intelligence and information. With the intention of meeting the information requirements of all the stakeholders in the Sri Lankan export sector and international trade, the Sri Lankan Export Development Board (SLEDB) seeks to expand our information-sharing network to make it more accessible to all public and private stakeholders.

    In addition, the SLEDB is also in the process of establishing a centralised, reliable, accessible and affordable ‘export intelligence and promotion portal’ that would be a repository of information related to trade and promotion, for all stakeholders. Our business intelligence and Information sharing process also include a multitude of facilities and materials that are available to Sri Lanka exporters.

    Business Library

    The SLEDB Business Library offers a wealth of essential information that would help an exporter to start, run and grow a business.

    The Business Library possesses a rich collection of annual trade directories and statistical publications, product and market surveys, research studies, newsletters etc. covering a wide range of subjects related to international trade. It also offers a comprehensive collection of reference tools both in bibliographic and electronic form for specific topics such as tariffs, statistics, prices, company information etc. Publications and market reports published by the ITC, CBI, JETRO, OECD, COMMONWEALTH SECRETARIAT, IMF, WORLD BANK and other leading trade-related organisations are also available.

    The library operates during official working hours and visitors are provided with advice & assistance on the use of library resources and facilities readily available for the business community.

    Online Information Portal

    Sri Lanka Export Development Board web portal (www.srilankabusiness.com) consists of the corporate website, exporter directory, and the e-marketplace offers many stakeholders including local exporters, global buyers, the general public, media, and other government, non-government and private participants a wide range of information, including;

    • Information on Sri Lankan export products and services
    • Statistics on trade and exportation
    • Global market trends
    • Market and export regulations
    • Announcements
    • News and events

    The SLEDB also makes the latest information available to our stakeholders through publications, newsletters and blog articles.

    Latest Trade Statistics & Data

    Offline Trade Statistics

    Obtain customised Product, Market, Trader reports sourced from Sri Lanka Customs latest trade data with SLEDB Offline trade statistics service.

    Charges for SLEDB offline trade statistics are as follows

    Client Category Processing Fee (LKR) Per Page (LKR)
    University Students
    (With a confirmation letter from the university)
    Free Free
    SMEs (Non-export business entities) 200 25
    Exporters 200 25
    Chambers & Trade Associations 200 50
    Banks & Financial Institutions 500 100

    Download Application for Offline Trade Statistics

    Please submit the completed application to [email protected]

    For more information, please contact;
     Mr. Chandima Wanniarachchi,
     Management Assistant
     Trade Facilitation and Trade Information Division
     +94-11-230-0705/11 Ext. 317
     [email protected]

    Online Trade Statistic Platform

    A digital version of Sri Lankan trade statistics sourced from Sri Lanka Customs is now available through Online Trade Statistic Platform. This platform provides an overview of the Sri Lankan export and import trade data, major export and import markets and other related information. This platform information will be important for market research and market selection. Subscribers are provided with a range of facilities including ;

    • Country-wise & product wise trade statistics
    • Enhanced product listing facilitating easy identification.
    • Graphical display of trade statistics.

    Annual subscription fee - Rs. 2,500/=

    Please submit the completed application and send to [email protected] for subscription or Register and Pay Online

    Register and Pay Online for Trade Statistics Subscription

    Download Application for Online Trade Statistic Platform

    If you've already subscribed for Export Statistics, please log in to your account by clicking below link

    Login Online Trade Statistic

    Seminars & Workshops

    To build awareness and disseminate information SLEDB organises product and market-related seminars and workshops in collaboration with local and foreign experts, relevant public institutions and trade organisations to transfer knowledge and disseminate market intelligence. We provide equal opportunity for all export and industry-related stakeholders to participate in these seminars and workshops.

    International Buyers Searches

    International buyer search is a personalised offered by SLEDB for local exporters to access international buyer information retrieved through reputed global databases.

    The service allows local exporters to access trade opportunities, buyers and buying inquiries, International prices for selected commodities, international standards and regulations, statistics, trade events in various target markets through structured searches conducted by our staff. Ten lists of Buyers Information are now Available at LKR 150.

    For further information on Buyer Search and Trade Statistics please contact :
     Mr. Chandima Wanniarachchi,
     Management Assistant
     Trade Facilitation and Trade Information Division
     +94-11-230-0705/11 Ext. 317
     [email protected]

    Please submit the completed application to [email protected]

    Download Application for International Buyers Searches

    Online International Information Services

    SLEDB provides updated market intelligence for the Sri Lankan exporters through authorised electronic links to global information sources including a comprehensive suite of Market Analysis Tools from International Trade Center (ITC), which are designed to make global trade a more transparent and accessible to all its stakeholders.

    ITC Trade Map

    ITC Trade Map provides data on export performance, international demand, alternative markets and competitive markets, as well as a directory of importing and exporting companies in relation to 220 countries, and 5300 products of the Harmonised System.

    Explore Trade Map

    ITC Market Access Map

    ITC Market Access Map provides information on Custom tariffs, tariff-rate quotas, trade remedies, and regulatory requirements applicable to each product in relation to exporting and destination countries.

    Explore Market Access Map

    ITC Investment Map

    ITC Investment Map is a database with FDI statistics for nearly 200 countries and detailed FDI sectoral and country breakdown for about 115 countries.

    It helps the identification of priority sectors and competing countries for foreign investments and existing and potential foreign investors. In addition, the map helps organisations and investors identify potential locations for investment abroad.

    Explore Investment Map

    ITC Sustainability Map

    Discover comprehensive, verified, and transparent information on standards for environmental protection, worker and labour rights, economic development, quality and food safety, and business ethics for products and services sourced from countries around the world.

    Explore Sustainability Map