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    Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) is Sri Lanka’s premier organisation for the development and promotion of exports, established in 1979 under the Sri Lanka Export Development Act No. 40, under the influence and guidance of the International Trade Center (ITC) and the United Nations Conference on Development of Trade & Tariffs (UNCTAD).

    Established as the executive body of the Export Development Council of Ministers headed by the President of Sri Lanka, SLEDB is the organisation responsible for the development and promotion of exports of Sri Lanka, playing the role of a ;

    • Policy Adviser - Advising the Government on national export development policies to create a conducive environment for exports
    • Monitor - Monitoring the performance and function of the export sector
    • Promoter -Implementing product, design, market and other development programmes to promote Sri Lanka's products and services
    • Facilitator - Serving as the focal point of export development, facilitating and co-coordinating export development activities with all stakeholders
    • Knowledge Provider - Providing advisory services and information with regard to all aspects of the export business and advisory assistance to the exporters

    Today, SLEDB has reached beyond its original responsibility as a trade promotion organisation, and have reached unto multiple layers of the country’s industrial, service and export ecosystem playing the role of a mentor and a facilitator in reaching new markets and identifying market and industry trends.
    SLEDB at present is entrusted with additional responsibilities including;

    • Formulation of National Export Development Plans
    • Facilitating the supply and diversification of products and services
    • Execution of research and market development programmes
    • Helping to resolve the issues exporters face during their interaction with government bodies
    • Development of skills within the Sri Lankan exporter community
    • Improving the international relationship between global and local agencies.

    The goal of SLEDB is to provide assistance and create opportunities for Sri Lankan exporters and industries to expand their business internationally, thereby increasing export sales and employment prospects in the region. To meet this objective, we offer consultative services to small- and mid-sized businesses located throughout Sri Lanka and sponsors and co-sponsors educational seminars and training programs designed for exporters and potential exporters in the region.

    Our knowledge of the Sri Lankan marketplace and the distribution characteristics of its many industries help Sri Lankan exporters and suppliers to increase their exports to the global market.


    Position Sri Lanka as a Prominent Export Hub for Innovative Products & Services.


    Enable export competitiveness through Innovation Entrepreneurship & Global Integration.

    Our Objectives

    Moving forward SLEDB has an ambitious plan to expand the Sri Lankan export sector through the effective implementation of the National Export Strategy (NES) and our main objectives for the Sri Lankan export sector and SLEDB include;

    • To increase the country's export value of products and services to US$ 28 Bn. by 2022.
    • To increase exports to markets other than the EU and USA by over 50% by 2022 while consolidating the market position in the EU and USA.
    • To pay added attention to the seven identified key product sectors, which will contribute over 80% of total export value, and achieve significant growth in those sectors.
    • To build and project a more positive and a favourable image of Sri Lanka's exports as a whole, through the conduct of integrated marketing communication programmes in selected markets.
    • To broad-base the beneficiaries of exports across the country and sectors, including SMEs.
    • To build a team of excellence at the EDB, based on core values, with particular emphasis on employee productivity and commitment.