Nimbus Venture (Pvt) Ltd

Nimbus Venture (Pvt) Ltd

Nimbus Ventures is a cloud-based solutions provider that looks into offering software that is conducive to GPS Tracking, Monitoring and Management of Vehicles/Assets or Fleet Employees. The company has been in the industry for more than ten years and now it is a member of the MG Group of Companies.

 Products we offer 

  • Fleet Management system
  • Transport Management system
  • Nimbus GPS Devices 

 Our products and solutions,

  1. FMS
  2. TMS
  3. MyCar 
  4. TravelSmart 
  5. Nimbus Taxi Hailing 

Company Profile

Nimbus Venture (Pvt) Ltd

Company Information

Company NameNimbus Venture (Pvt) Ltd


Products / Services RangeFleet Management System (FMS), The Transport Management System (TMS), MyCar, Travel Smart, Nimbus Taxi Hailing, SMART Taxi Meter, Nimbus GPS Devices

General Contact Info

Address No 07, 8th Land, Nawala Road, Nawala, Sri Lanka.

Telephone(94) 071 786 6861

Fax(94) 112 806 030

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Lalinda Ariyaratna Director - International Sales & Partnership

Telephone (94) 773334488

Fax (94) 112806030

Email [email protected]


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