We at itechro provide enterprise software products and solution offerings using scalable Agile teams operating from Colombo, Sri Lanka. We specialize in Web, Mobile, Quality Assurance and Cloud technologies tapping into the best human talent within the country. We exist to bring the technology expertise to ease businesses focus on their core business and keeping our clients efficient and top in the list.

Our teams bring great value to our clients and help them in maximize opportunities through digital transformation of their existing business.

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Company Nameitechro


Products / Services RangeEnterprise Software Development

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Address 36/6/ 1/1, Parakum Mawatha, Nawala Road, Nugegoda,.

Telephone(94) 117 07 07 07

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Contact Person Mr. Chamara Jayaweera Director / Co-Founder / Head of Technology and Delivery

Telephone (94) 117 07 07 07


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