SimCentric Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

SimCentric Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
SimCentric Technologies is an advanced software development company with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Offering advanced, “best in class”, high fidelity and modular COTS applications and middleware, SimCentric has a decade of experience working with military, industry, government and academia across the globe to achieve tangible results. SimCentric products are currently utilised worldwide by more than 80 Industry and Defence organisations.

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SimCentric Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

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Company NameSimCentric Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

Products / Services RangeBusiness Solutions and MIS, Software Development, Systems Integration, ICT

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Address 3rd Floor, Alnitak Building, No.752/5 , Dr.Danister De Silva Mawatha, Colombo 09,



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