Reliance IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Reliance IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Our company was launched in 1997 when we released the featured distribution and re-distribution software exclusively for pharmaceutical industry. The success of this software inspired us to broaden our scope and create advanced software to meet the high-level requirements of pharmaceutical domain and other businesses as well.

In 2000, we came together under the name of Reliance IT Solutions (Pvt) Ltd to deliver one of the best pharmaceuticals solutions on the market. Armed with an extensive knowledge of the distribution, redistribution, financial and payroll sectors, we developed a series of applications for various sectors, ranging from general trading businesses to the booming Sri Lankan industry. A few years later, we teamed up with more experienced, energetic people to create a disruptive solution for growing software market.

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Reliance IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

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Company NameReliance IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Products / Services RangeProvide software solutions for Trading & Manufacturing Organizations, Pharmaceutical Distribution & Promotion, Garment Buying Offices, Banking & Information Services Sector

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Address 201/7A, Obesekere Crescent, Rajagiriya Road, Rajagiriya.

Telephone(94) 11-4362714 (94) 77-3786201

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