Ecollege Lanka Pvt Ltd

Ecollege Lanka Pvt Ltd

Pearson eCollege has been helping colleges, universities and K-12 schools to deliver innovative education options since 1996. Backed by the world’s leading education technology company—Pearson, we offer powerful complete Assessment and Analytics tools, Academic Support Services and Professional Development Training options.

The service and support that we offer enable our users to get more from their online education software than just an out-of-the-box solution. Pearson eCollege's SaaS platform requires no software maintenance and provides all of the hardware, software and networking needed to power successful teaching and learning environments in the cloud.

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Ecollege Lanka Pvt Ltd

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Company NameEcollege Lanka Pvt Ltd

Products / Services RangeHardware, Software and Networking Needed to Power Successful Teaching and Learning Environments

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Address Orion City, Regal Building, 752, Dr Danister De Silva Mawatha , Colombo 09. Sri Lanka

Telephone(94) 11-7388488, (94) 11-4765300


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Contact Person Nalina Wijesundara General Manager

Telephone (94) 11-7388488, (94) 077-7223203, (94) 11-4765300

Fax (94) 011-4765398 (94) 11-7388488

Email [email protected]

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