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  • Sri Lanka Exports Development Board (SLEDB)

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  • Cable Solutions

    A business philosophy based on service, quality, and relationships, Cable Solutions is a Sri Lankan based cable manufacturer and exporter that has made a prestigious name for itself in the cables and wire harness industry internationally. Its main production centres are located in Sri Lanka & India with the main production facility located in a state-of-the-art industrial environment set up by Mr. Pawan Tejwani, one of the founders and the current Managing Director of the company.

    Mr Tejwani began his glorious career as an entrepreneur providing innovative solutions for the Sri Lankan electronics industry. With experience in the field, foresight of the industry’s evolution, technology from Europe & India and investments from Mr. Rune Flinth (founder of Flintec Transducers), Cable Solutions was founded in 2009, as a cable manufacturer in its own right.

    Cable Solutions started its journey by manufacturing cables for the load cell industry for Flintec, a Swedish manufacturer, who played an integral role in the birth and growth of the company. Despite many opportunities to diversify, the company continued to remain loyal to their original product i.e. a highly technical niche product that allowed Cable Solutions to diversify its market instead. Having been successful in providing cables to the load cell industry with Flintec, Cable Solutions entered new markets starting with the weighing and automation industry in India. With several good references in its portfolio, approaching new customers and markets proved to be more effective, whereas diversifying the product would have been a lengthy affair of which the approvals alone would have required a period of 12-24 months.

    In 2015, the company finally diversified its product offering, moving from cables to cable assembly, serving a variety of sectors including automotive, farming, digital consumer electronics, and automation, with customization enabled complete solutions with the option of plug and play.

    Currently the manufacturer produces a range of standard cable types that includes:

    • Coaxial cables
    • Power and general wiring cables
    • Telephone and communication cables
    • Control cables
    • Automotive cables
    • Instrumentation cables
    • Load-cell cables
    • Composite cables  

    Additionally, cables not included in the list are also manufactured based on customized specifications.

    Compliant with stringent quality measures such as those set forth by ROHS standards, Cable Solutions is bound by strict material specifications and control on all raw materials, parts and consumables.

    The Cable Solutions Quality Lab is equipped with highly sophisticated testing equipment and methods for testing the electrical, mechanical and chemical properties of cables and follows a 3-tier quality assurance plan which monitors quality starting from the raw material stage (IQC inspection) to in-process stage (IPQC) and the final testing of cables (FQC inspection).


    Upon customer request, the manufacturers can also have their products certified to various national and international standards, awarded by well-known certifying institutions.

    They have a quality management system in place, which is of ISO 9001:2015 standard approved.  Cable Solutions has completed over 13 years of successful operations. Through the years, it appears that strangers have become associates, associates have become friends and some of them are now business partners.

    Mr. Tejwani believes that networking is key to a business’ growth and maintaining great relationships with other organizations and individuals in the industry is as important as the relationships built with one’s customers. Throughout its existence, Cable Solutions has built many relationships that has helped them come a long way since inception. Despite being a supplier to various manufacturers, it is understanding the end consumers, that has been instrumental in the company's success.

    Currently, Cable Solutions serves several major sensor manufacturers around the world as a result of being recommended to the buyers by end consumers. “In our business, volumes may be low and certain businesses may not even make profits, but that relationship may lead to bigger business coming our way” says Mr. Tejwani, who adds that “it is a matter of keeping your customers happy and good things will happen”.

    Things have indeed been good for this company who currently operates an office in Germany, a marketing and sales office in India and supplies to almost all the major electrical and electronic export markets in the world.

    Starting from India, the company currently exports to Australia, Spain, Germany and USA among other destinations. With its stringent quality measures and focus on customer satisfaction, Cable Solutions prides itself on its annual rejection rate which has been maintained at less than 0.5% to date and plans to reach a revenue in excess of USD10 million by 2023. Since its inception, the company has grown from 0 to 300+ employees, many of whom engage in design, development, and engineering operations of the business.

    In the year 2017, Cables Solutions was awarded the Asia Industrial Innovation Award by Enterprise Asia, for a connector that the company had developed for a Swiss manufacturer. This was the reward borne as a result of the company’s belief in going the extra mile, innovating and constantly striving to satisfy customer requirements, embracing challenges and emerging successful.

    In the recent years, the original shareholders of Cable Solutions have divested its shares with new investors brought on board, which has opened wider avenues for the company. Mr. Tejwani continues to be the Managing Director.

    Despite the pandemic, Cable Solutions has continued to expand their facility, operations and offerings. The operation has shifted from a capacity-based planning mode to a demand-based planning system which has proved to show incredible results. The organization has undergone a major rebranding process and has taken to digital platforms to reach new markets.

    Cable Solutions also works closely with the Sri Lanka Export Development Board and has represented the Sri Lankan Electrical and Electronic exporter community in many an international forum, which has also helped the company acquire new customers.

    ‘What drives the business forward is the understanding between the supplier and the manufacturer’, says Mr. Tejwani. Cable Solutions has made it a point to always maintain their philosophy of Service, Relationships and Quality. For those at Cable Solutions, business is about passion, providing employment and feeding families while continuing to challenge oneself and finding what motivates each individual.

    At Cable Solutions, the staff are extremely valued and endeavors are constantly made to keep them happy in the workplace, thus leading to happiness in their homes too. There is also a great deal of emphasis given to preservation and care of the environment. Various methods of recycling and planting of vegetable patches are undertaken at the factory grounds. Also, innovative ideas on how to utilize waste materials are constantly put to practice. They are ISO 14001:2015 standard approved. There is also a zero-wastage policy in place in the staff cafeteria, thus ensuring that the staff do not take lightly the matter of food wastage.

    Cable Solutions takes very seriously the matter of being responsible towards their customers, their staff and the environment. It is a major part of the company’s principles and a constant endeavour that makes them a company that is a class apart.