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  • DSI

    First and foremost we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude specially for the Export Development Board (EDB) and the Embassy of Sri Lanka in South Africa for extending their fullest cooperation to success our mission in South Africa during last 02years.

    We DSI Tyres, established in 1983 as a member of the DSI Samson Group. We are the one of the largest manufacture and exporter of pneumatic tyres and tubes in Sri Lanka. Presently we are catering more than 70 countries across all 06 continents. Countries like Tanzania we are the market leader and most of the countries such as UK, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Poland, Australia, Egypt, Kenya, Zambia, Guinea, Uganda, Dubai, Syria and Pakistan are having the considerable market share too.

    Though we were well established in surrounding countries in Africa, not able to establish a firm business in South Africa and we were continuously trying from ages. Because of that we have decided to participate in SAITEX Trade Fair in 2012. Though we wanted to have quick start of the business just after the visit, unfortunately it did not happen.

    But we didn’t give up…. During the above visit we were able to meet few more parties in there and through them we were able to have sound knowledge on market expectations as well as the information about the competitors too. Not only that we visited few more markets which are relevance to the products, with the assistance of Sri Lanka Embassy in Pretoria. After the visit we were continuously following up with all the customers who met in there and hold the grip by sending samples and price revisions.

    Since we were not able to develop anything during 2012, again we decided to participate for the 2013 SAITEX as well. Due to the continuous association of the parties whom we met 2012 has made us more sound full on the Market conditions as well as the Importers for our products.

    All in all we were able to open up a new page in the Business in 2013 SAITEX.

    By now we were able to establish a long lasting relationship with them and the purpose of this visit is to further strengthen the relationship with them as well as to visit the Market.

    Apart from that, looking for new opportunities in the particular segments too……