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As one of the countries with high biodiversity,  Sri Lanka is a heaven for freshwater ornamental fish. The country boasts of 95 species of freshwater water fish and 52 of them are endemic to the country.  In fact, 41% of the country’s fish species are found in freshwater and nearly 70% of them are only found in Sri Lanka.

Freshwater ornamental fish exports from Sri Lanka comprise the more colourful and more striking members such as Guppies, Plates, Gold Fish varieties including  Fantails, Orandas, Redcaps; Barb varieties including Golden barbs and Rosy barbs; Danios including Zebra danio; Tetras such as Serpae Tetra, Neon Tetra; Gouramis, Catfishes, and Cichlids such as Angels, Oscars and Discus.

Sri Lankan ornamental fish suppliers breed and export exotic and indigenous freshwater varieties, which make up roughly 70% of the total ornamental fish exports. Staying true the globally accepted ethical harvesting practices a large number of mid and small level ornamental fish exporters and suppliers in Sri Lanka successfully breeds the most colourful and rare freshwater breeds in captivity. The country has nearly 50 established exporters in the sector and the ornamental freshwater fish industry in Sri Lanka is governed by a series of stringent environmental and export laws to ensure a fair balance between conservation and trade development. 

Out of the freshwater species exported from Sri Lanka, colourful Guppy fish consists nearly 60 -70% of annual exports. Among the rarer and exotic Sri Lankan, ornamental fish exports are, Ceylon Logsucker, Pearly Rasbora, Purplehead Barb, Moonyfish, and Three Spot Gourami.

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    Lumbini Aquaria is the first ever ornamental fish and aquatic plants exporter in Sri Lanka which has been trading high quality fresh water, brackish water and marine ornamental fish species, invertebrates and aquatic plants to the international market since 1952.

    The presence of Lumbini in the global market for 65 years has enabled the company to acquire a plethora of experience, technical know-how and the mastery over the trade in order to deliver high-grade live ornamental aquatic products to its customers all over the world. Strict quality assurance and trust have helped Lumbini retain its existing customer base and expand its business to new vistas.

    Our R&D (Research and Development) Unit is staffed by qualified and experienced panel of aqua culturists who adhere to stringent quality controls and ensure high quality output. Lumbini has four farms that cultivate ornamental fish and span across 15 hectares that is located in close proximity to the Colombo International Airport.

    Customer satisfaction is hundred percent guaranteed and the delivery is assured within seven days of placing of the order. Lumbini is acclaimed by the Ornamental Fish International (OFI) for its contribution to the industry as one of its founding members.

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  • Developing New Species of Ornamental Fish

    With our specialist fish breeders, Sri Lanka develops new species with different features to ensure that it has a refreshing collection. Sri Lanka won as many as 30 awards for the best and new varieties of various species at the “Aquarama 2013” International Ornamental Fish Competition held in Singapore, amply demonstrating the country's professionalism in fish breeding.

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  • Quantity and Exports of Ornamental Fish

    A majority of Sri Lankan ornamental fish breeders targets the export market; however, those not up to international quality standards are sold at the local market. There are around 45 established exporters in the sector. In 2011, the total turnover amounted to US $10 Mn.

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  • Ornamental Fish eBrochures & Reading Materials

    Introduction of Breeding Technology for New Fish Varieties and Improved Packing Technology for Ornamental Fish Industry in Sri Lanka.

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Fresh Water Fish

Sri Lankan ornamental fish exporters captive breed and exports a vast range of exotic freshwater fish species under ethical harvesting conditions, including Guppy fish, Tetra, Gourami, Rasboras, Barbs, and Catfishes.

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