Also known as the Million Fish or the Rainbow Fish (Poecilia reticulata), Guppy is a tropical fish and one of the most sought-after freshwater ornamental fish species in the world. Such is the popularity of this fish that even generalists and hobbyists, not to mention aquarists, know plenty about it. Guppies come in a range of colours with a number of tail shapes, including the flag, veil, lace and double-sword tail.

The Hardy yet colourful Guppy fish varieties bred in the ornamental fish farms in Sri Lanka add colour and variety to the aquariums around the world. At present, Sri Lanka is the largest guppy fish exporter to the world and is among the top 10 exporters of ornamental fish, serving over 4% of the global demand.

Out of the freshwater aquarium fish species exported from Sri Lanka, Guppies consist of nearly 60-70% and are highly sought after in the international markets for their strength and high diversity in comparison to other aquarium fish exporting countries in the world. Sri Lanka exports Guppy fish and other ornamental species to the USA, the UK and other EU countries, as well as to Western and Eastern Asian countries.

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Guppy Fish is one of the most popular ornamental freshwater fish exports from Sri Lanka. The country’s ornamental fish breeders have decades of experience in developing a large number of ornate strains with selective breeding

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