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    The Fresh Catch off the Indian Ocean


  • Research & Development and Product Development Facilities

    There are several organisations dedicated towards the development of the Fisheries Industry.

    National Aquatic Resources Research & Development Agency (NARA)

    The apex national institute vested with the responsibility of carrying out and co-ordinating research, development and management activities on the subject of aquatic resources in Sri Lanka.

    National Aquaculture Development Authority (NAQDA)

    The state-sponsored organisation mandated for the task development and management of all fresh water aquatic resources in the country. It also promotes development of aquaculture and sea farming.

    Ceylon Fisheries Corporation

    This institute is in charge of maintenance of cold storage facilities and production and sale of fishery by-products.

    Ceylon Fisheries Harbours' Corporation

    This institute maintains fisheries infrastructure facilities such as proper landing facilities through construction, maintenance and management of harbours and anchorages.

    Department of Fisheries

    This institute is in charge of management, regulation, conservation and development of fisheries and aquatic resources

    Cey-Nor Foundation Limited

    This organization is responsible for building, manufacturing and sale of fishing crafts, engines, & gear and the operation of workshops for repairing fishing crafts.

Fish & Fisheries Products

Sri Lanka’s seafood product sector has emerged as a quality exporter of a wide variety of fish, with the most popular of them being tuna. Sri Lanka’s rich and relished seafood of different varieties are available through an extensive network of exporters.

Product Varieties & Suppliers