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  • Why Source Seafood From Sri Lanka? 

    prawns from Sri Lanka

    The Sri Lankan seafood industry is one of a kind. Not only does it benefit from its location as a tropical island, but it also makes use of both traditional and innovative technology that the industry has to offer. And that is why the wide variety of seafood products from Sri Lanka is at the top of the industry.

    Quality Ensured

    Harvested from the warm waters of the Indian ocean, seafood products from Sri Lanka are of the best quality. Our fishermen and divers make sure that they pick the best quality products, be it crustaceans, molluscs or fish. Schools of sea creatures thriving in our tropical waters are harvested using eco-friendly and non-harmful techniques and machinery endorsed by modern technology and traditional know-how. Our processing and manufacturing procedures follow the best industry practices, thus upholding the reputation we have for producing the best quality products for global markets. Currently, there are about 32 EU-approved processing plants in Sri Lanka. And we comply with the regulations put in place by importing countries and further adhere to HACCP, BRP, Friend of Sea, and other food security environment-friendly requirements.

    Freshness Kept Intact

    One thing about Sri Lankan seafood products is that their freshness remains intact even as they reach global markets across the globe. Thanks to our speedy processing, manufacturing, and exporting procedures and the experienced professionals working in the industry, Sri Lankan seafood products reach global markets in pristine quality with their natural goodness, flavour, and freshness intact. Our products are packed under a modified atmosphere (MA) and vacuum pouches, gel ice packs, Styrofoam boxes, and corrugated boxes are used as packaging materials for fresh and chilled products, thereby retaining their quality and freshness.

    A Wide Variety of Selection

    Sri Lanka is naturally blessed with a strategic location near the equator and benefits from climate conditions ideal for seafood production. Apart from the seafood harvest that comes from offshore and deep-sea fishing, the Sri Lankan fisheries sector also consists of coastal fishing and inland fishing and aquaculture. What this means in terms of seafood is that our customers are spoilt for choice as marine fish production contributes nearly 90% of the total fish catch from Sri Lanka. From a range of finfish varieties, crabs, prawns, and shrimp to molluscs, Sri Lanka is famous for several exotic delicacies only found in the orient. And there is something for everybody, no matter whether you are a daring seafood explorer or someone who likes to play it safe with seafood.

Fish & Fisheries Products

Sri Lanka’s seafood product sector has emerged as a quality exporter of a wide variety of fish, with the most popular of them being tuna. Sri Lanka’s rich and relished seafood of different varieties are available through an extensive network of exporters.

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