Turn Your Passion Into a Business

  • Large Buyer Base
    Reach out and showcase your products to a vast base of prospective international buyers, The more buyers you can access, the more you can sell.
  • Speedy Payments
    As soon as the goods reach the respective buyers, your payments will be released so that you can maintain a healthy cash-flow continually.
  • Earn Reviews
    Customers are allowed to review your products, which will help you learn what they feel about your products, make necessary changes, and even win over more customers.
  • Build a Comprehensive Profile
    Tell your prospective customers as much about your business as you like so that you can enhance your credibility and earn their trust.
  • Shoot your questions to us

    If you ever get stuck or feel puzzled, tell us and we will assist you with the best we have in double-quick time.      

  • Manage Your Orders
    Manage your orders with maximum ease and help customers have a smoother shopping experience, that leaves them highly satisfied.
  • Get Rated
    Get rated by your satisfied customers so that you can show how well your customers receive your product offerings.
  • Create Your Own Collection

    Add numerous products and design your own product collection that will be visible to customers.                                   

Really Easy To Setup And Customize
  • Sign Up
  • Create your Profile
  • Add your Details
  • Add your Product Listing
  • Sell your Products
  • Seller Information
  • Assign Categories
  • Contact Person Information
Register as an Exporter in Sri Lanka Exporters' Directory

Choose only your top ten 10 specific product/service categories at the level 3 or at the level 2 where the level 3 is unavailable and also where allowed, a mix of level 2 and level 3 categories. For instance, in Food, Feed & Beverages, under beverages, you can select some level 3 products such as herbal drinks, water, alcoholic beverages, and non-alcoholic beverages. Under ICT, however, you can select 10 products of the level 2.