SWADESHI - Khomba Herbal Shampoo 80g

Khomba herbal shampoo 80g – 4 variants

• Khomba Strong & Healthy Shampoo
• Khomba Hair Repair Shampoo
• Khomba Hair Control Shampoo
• Khomba Dandruff Control Shampoo



Khomba herbal shampoo 80g – 4 variants

Khomba Strong & Healthy Shampoo
SHAMPOO FOR STRONG HAIR - For Lengthy & Volume hair, Khomba Herbal strong and healthy shampoo will help you maintain hair free from split ends, tangle and breakage. The natural blend consisting of Margosa, Soya Protein and Lemon Grass will fortify and make your hair grow beautifully strong and provides natural solution to beef up brittle hair.

The Khomba neem herbal shampoo is one of the best shampoos for strong hair. This neem herbal shampoo is perfect for getting stronger hair to prevent hair loss.

Khomba Hair Repair Shampoo
BEST DAMAGE REPAIR SHAMPOO - Khomba Herbal Hair Repair Shampoo with Margosa, Vitamin E & Olive Oils is especially formulated to repair damaged hair.

It also strengthens and shields hair against future damage and frizz while providing it with natural protection.

Pamper yourself with our Khomba herbal avocado oil shampoo which is one of the best damage repair shampoos in Sri Lanka.

Khomba Hair Control Shampoo
AYURVEDIC SHAMPOO FOR SILKY HAIR - For Uncontrollable Hair Khomba herbal hair control shampoo will restore elasticity, manageability ad shine while transforming hair from wild to tame (Restoration). The formula with Margosa, Aloe Vera and smoothing agents reduce frizz, tangle and makes it the perfect solution for unmanageable, curly hair to make it soft, silky and manageable. (Protection).

This is the perfect ayurvedic shampoo for silky hair in Sri Lanka.

Khomba Dandruff Control Shampoo
BEST NATURAL ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO - For Hair with Dandruff Perfect natural solution for Dandruff prone hair and scalp. Khomba herbal dandruff control shampoo with Margosa, Lime, Dill & tea Tree Oil will control dandruff and help to keep your scalp healthy. Helps ease scalp itching and flaking as well as irritation associated with dandruff.

Pamper yourself with one of our best Khomba shampoos which is one of the best natural anti dandruff shampoos. The infusion of ayurvedic ingredients like margosa, lime and dill makes it one of the best natural anti dandruff shampoos in Sri Lanka.

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