COCOLAND - Vegan Coconut Butter

Today, there is a variety of dairy free spreads available in the market. However, health conscious consumers are looking for a healthier product that tastes, melts and spreads like traditional butter. That is why we created our very own coconut spread, made using a coconut oil base that gives you all the benefits of coconut oil but still tastes and spreads like butter. The spread is completely vegan, free from transfats and contains no artificial colors or flavors.



Vegan Coconut Butter

Ingredient : Physically Refined Coconut oil, RBD Sunflower oil, Water, Salt, Emulsifiers, Preservative, Citric Acid , Plant-based Butter Flavor, Natural Color
Origin : Sri Lanka
Suitable for : As a direct substitute for butter, can be used for cooking, baking or as a spread.
Shelf life : 12 months
Storage : Keep refrigerated and store below 5°C
Note : Vegan
Free from trans-fats
Free from Artificial colors & flavors
Dairy free


Standard Packaging Options

  •  250g Plastic tub

*Bulk and other retail packing options available as per Customers' Request.

Our Heritage
The NaraCocoland factory located in the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka began over 100 years ago, as a humble oil mill using traditional methods to extract coconut oil for its surrounding villages. As Cocoland grew, so did the community around it. Cocoland has now evolved into a state of the art facility, catering to leading brands & retailers around the world. 

Our vision is to nurture a happy and healthy planet through responsible agriculture, making Super-food accessible to all.

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