Sri Lanka Bee Honey with Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

  • Reduces risk of heart disease (reduces bad cholesterol)
  • Recommended for diabetes (lowers blood sugar)
  • Known to help boost immunity
  • Helps relieve pain from arthritis
  • Also known to combat allergies and aid in weight loss
  • Pure Sri Lankan Bee Honey combined with Organic Certified Ceylon Cinnamon – A timeless Ayurvedic remedy – (The above claims are as per Ayurvedic practitioners)
  •  A smooth and delicious blend that can be taken by spoon (two teaspoons recommended per day), mixed into a drink or used to add magic to your cooking
  • An excellent alternative to sugar (bee honey is a low GI product)
  • Contains pure, filtered, untreated and non pasteurised bee honey sourced from a network of Sri Lankan bee keepers
  • Goodfolks supports this bee-keeping network by opening up new markets, sharing expert knowledge with them and working to upgrade their products to meet international standards

Bee Honey and cinnamon, both natural ingredients with numerous health benefits, form a robust combination that is integral to Ayurvedic medicine. The addition of Ceylon Cinnamon, also known as True Cinnamon, introduces a unique sweet flavor to this blend.

Sourced through Regenerative Agriculture practices, Goodfolks 100% Pure Bee’s Honey is obtained from a collective of farmers in Sri Lanka. This honey is distinguished by its abundant medicinal pollen content and complete transparency, free from hidden additives. With a low Glycemic Index, it supports gradual sugar metabolism, particularly advantageous for managing blood sugar levels. Its tendency to crystallize in cooler temperatures serves as a tangible indicator of its unadulterated nature.

Goodfolks' bee honey remains entirely raw and carefully filtered, removing minor impurities like pollen, beeswax, and deceased bee parts. It retains its raw state without undergoing heating, treatment, or pasteurization, ensuring it contains all natural nutrients and no added sugars, setting it apart from most commercial honey. Its slightly cloudy appearance, stemming from its unrefined nature, safeguards its nutrient-rich and healing properties.

Sri Lanka's bee honey stands out due to its diverse pollen sources from a variety of trees and plants. Unlike honey sourced from limited or single pollen origins elsewhere, the significant biodiversity and medicinal value of Sri Lanka's flora contribute to a wide array of pollen varieties.

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